Gold Medal Mindset

Discover how to get a lot closer to your athletic dreams in as little as 4 weeks.

Gold Medal Mindset

Discover how to get a lot closer to your athletic dreams in as little as 4 weeks.
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About the Class

The competition you dream to win

Did you know that when two hard-working athletes face-off, the winner is always the one who is more mentally skilled? As an athlete you are probably dealing, every second of your life, while training, recovering, or competing, with some sort of mental/emotional stress or challenge.

Where do this stress and challenge come from?

  • It may come from the competition and your opponents and look like anxiety.
  • It may come from the media, social media, and other people and look like criticism.
  • It may come from the closest members of your team and look like high expectations.
  • It may also come from you and look like self-doubts or perfectionism.

Ultimately, this stress pushes you to constantly and obsessively ask yourself:

How can I get 1% better? This stress is such that:

  • Even though you achieved your childhood dream, you might be unhappy.
  • Even though people admire you, you might fall into depression.
  • Even though you train all the time, you might choke when pressure rises.
  • Even though you love your sport, the taste of losses and underperformances might make you fall out of love for it.

This means that if you don’t find the answer to the question above. Your results and how they make you feel might have a negative impact on the people you love.

Let me introduce you to Gold Medal Mindset, my signature "Mental Performance Online Course" that will help you become the athlete you dream to become: the one who wins, who performs like a beast and who celebrate the results with his family and friends. 

Gold Medal Mindset includes:

One module about mental toughness:

  • So you can improve dramatically in what Olympic champions call "the most important mental skill"
  • This means goodbye to 50% of your fears and that from now on...
  • You will laugh at obstacles
  • You will love pain
  • You will know a 2-minute exercise that can help you transform any adversity in a challenge you cannot wait to solve

Three more modules about pre-competition mindset, leadership, and self-care:

  • So you can reduce by 80% your anxiety and your nerves before a competition
  • Improve in 2 essential pillars of an athlete's career: his relationship with others and with himself
  • This means you won't ever be shaken when other athletes talk to you
  • You will never again lose your power when the stakes are higher
  • Thanks to this one module, you are instantly becoming faster and more efficient as your thoughts improve in clarity and your focus improves in precision

24 videos and 6h30 of content straight to the point with a motivational speaking champion:

  • So you can learn, improve, and be energized, without wasting time watching one or two hour-long videos and sacrificing the other aspects of your life.
  • This means no more watching a video and wondering when is the information going to come.
  • In this course, Gregory promises you fast results because you are going to learn fast.

Thanks to your coach’s unique individual experience:

  • You will be inspired by real personal stories.
  • This means no more cute advice that only work in books or that you can find elsewhere.
  • You will receive unique advice that works in real life and learn from a former professional athlete who knows:
      • what being in the zone feels like
      • what a killer instinct feels like
      • what fighting to qualify for an Olympic spot feels like

24 summaries with 170 top takeaways:

  • So you can review 15 minutes of video in one blink of an eye and download it and print and fold it in your sports bag or tape it somewhere in your locker, in your office, or leave it in your drawer with your sports clothes
  • This means no more feeling great one day and then average again one week later
  • Thanks to this resource, your results are going to be sus-tai-na-ble. You are going to brain tattoo 170 new principles about success and performance

120 authentic coaching questions, 5 by lesson, the same ones that Gregory asks his 1-on-1 clients:

  • So you can do real work and not just pretend to watch the videos.
  • The greatest part about it is that Gregory will read your answers and promises to come back to you.
  • This means no more buying an online course and then doing your best on your own without any real human to support you.
  • Every athlete needs to be pushed and led. The course will push you. Gregory will lead you.

Why should you believe Gregory?

Gregory Berge, your mental performance coach, is a 4-time college basketball national champion. Do you know many people who have won the same trophy 4 years in a row?

Gregory is also an award-winning medical therapist. His graduation thesis about ACL injuries granted him the 2007 Thesis of the year award. He worked in France, Canada, and Japan where he became the first foreigner ever to be officially registered in his medical field, in Japan. Do you many people who are the first ever to accomplish something?

Gregory is a European champion of motivational speaking. Not only he is specialized in finding the words that make people take actions. He also knows in his body what mindset is required to excel under pressure, when most people are afraid.

Last but not least, Gregory accomplished an even more unique feat. He started the sport of triathlon as a complete beginner at 35 years old, and became professional only 4 years later, at 39 years old.

When Gregory promises you fast results, he knows what he’s talking about.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Mental toughness
  • Pre-competition mindset
  • Leadership and self-care
  • Real personal stories from a former professional athlete shared by a motivational speaking champion

Who should take this course?

  • Athletes
  • Professional, Elite and Amateur who have big goals


Gregory Berge

Mental/Emotional Performance Coach
Gregory's mission is to help you achieve your dreams, and at the same time, suffer as little as possible and be as happy as possible. Gregory is in love with dreams and is allergic to suffering. If you tell him that you have a dream and that you suffer (both are always associated, by the way), he will go to battle for you. In 2018, he created...


Gregory Berge's School


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What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Focus, Optimism, Leadership, Mental Skills, Resilience, Mental Toughness
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 6 hours 42 minutes
25 Videos
72 Documents
24 Quizzes
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