Week 2: Lesson Video

Drum Lessons for Beginners Week 2: Learn how to use your feet on the drum kit
4 minutes
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Hi, welcome back. This is week two of drum lessons in the musical program. This week, we're going to start adding in your feet. Now, like I said in the first week, the drum kit is a really unique instrument that both your arms in both your feets are really involved in almost everything you're doing. And at first, it can feel a little awkward getting it all coordinated. You probably don't remember learning how to walk or climb, but when you watch a little kid do it, it's a little awkward at first, they're trying to make everything happen in the right sequence.

Another little thing that's difficult about the human body is the right side of your brain is controlling the left side of your body and the left side of your brain is controlling the right side of your body. So we're kind of cross wired. So be patient with yourself and take the time to really let the information get all the way into your body. drumming is something that you have to know about. But you mostly have To experience and feel it for to really work. This week, we're going to get started by playing the kick drum with your right foot and the hi hat with your left foot.

Now there are two different techniques for how your feet work on the pedals, and they apply to both feet. There's a technique called heel down, in which you swim the bass drum beater in and bounces back. This is a little bit more advanced, and it's used for double bass techniques and getting the bass drum to really go back and forth very quickly. For our purposes, we're going to go with the heel up technique, and we're going to sink the beater into the skin. This is more commonly used in rock patterns, which is what we're going to use in this program. So for now, you don't have to lift your heel way up just a little bit off the back and also gives you a little more power to push the kick drum.

And we're gonna use the same technique for the high hat. The reason for the heel down technique in the hi hat is to let them be loose control how much they're opening and closing. For now, we're just going to be heal up on both feet. So for starters, we're going to be going kick drum, and hi hat, and it feels a little bit like walking. So try and feel the whole rhythm in your whole body. Another important thing about using your feet especially is the point at which the rhythm happens is when the beater hits the skin, not when you start thinking I should lift up my foot.

So if you want the rhythm to be in time, you have to move earlier before the rhythm happens. So when you're listening for the click track, really try and aim the beater right for the beginning of the beat. In First you're going to it's going to seem like you're moving early and let it land in the right place and the same with your hi hat foot. The last thing we're going to add in this week's practice video is adding the backbeat which is played on the snare drum. Now in modern music like jazz and r&b and rock and roll that's happened in the last hundred years or so. The big difference is that the emphasis of the rhythms we play are on beat two and beat for most music before that, especially European classical music, all the emphasis was on beat one and beat three.

If you don't understand what I mean by the beats in the bar, there's some rhythm videos that go ahead of the program that you can check out and I'll explain all this. But for now, we're going to get used to counting that the kick drum is going to be on one and three, and the snare drum and hi hat are going to be on beats two and four. So eventually, you're going to end up playing this which eventually is going to lead us into a regular rock pattern, which sounds like this. Alright, keep up the great work and we'll see in the practice video.

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