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Hello, and welcome to the music coach program. Thank you for signing up. I wanted to take a moment just to say hello and explain a little bit about how the program is designed and how it works. If you're having a little bit of reservation and feeling like maybe you don't know enough to get started, I also wanted to reassure you that the music coach program is designed for you Even if you don't know anything about music. The program will start right at the beginning with a few fun animated videos that explain some basic music concepts, using analogies from everyday life that you'll be able to understand. There's also an instrument starters toolkit that's going to help you pick out your first instrument if you haven't already and find out whether to rent or buy and about how much money it's probably going to cost to get it in your hand to get started.

Then the course curriculum is going to get started with your first lessons which are going to involve getting your instrument assembled properly and making your first sounds there's also good Be a practice video for every lecture. And the idea here is that you're going to be able to have a small piece of information to get started with and then be able to put it into practice right away. The idea of the course is that you do one lecture a week, and then you repeat the practice video for several days afterwards. Now if you're ready to move a little faster than that, you can absolutely go ahead, I would say that, you'll know you're ready to move ahead when you can play all the way through the practice video perfectly every time. The goal of the music coach program is to get you the skills you need to not only play your instrument, but to be able to play with other people as quickly as possible.

And with that in mind, I designed the course so that as you're learning about the specifics of how to play your instrument, you're also learning some general information about how playing in a group or an ensemble will work. The course curriculum is going to cover several things, such as basic scales and song structure, as well as a specific song that was written For this program where you're going to learn how to play the melody, the harmony, the rhythm, and be able to take solos, and learn how to communicate with other people in a musical context. The program also features a jam room feature, which has a virtual band on the screen where you can see and interact and get the closest thing to actually playing with other people and practice playing the song at different tempos. My philosophy around teaching music boils down to one simple idea that my job is to help you release your inner musician.

Even if you don't know that you have one in there. We're all born to create and express ourselves musically, and it truly can change your whole entire life. And through my own experience of learning how to express more openly as a musician and also helping many many people on a lot of different instruments find it for themselves. I feel like I have the experience and the know how to help you on your journey. Really excited that you decided to join the music coach program. And I know you're going to have a wonderful time enjoying the lessons and practice videos and other materials that come with the course.

Always remember that you are already a musician on the inside. And this is just learning how to let it loose. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you in the first lesson.

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