Week 9: Lesson Video

Drum Lessons for Beginners Week 9: Learn how to play a second drum fill
3 minutes
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Hi, welcome back. This is week nine of drum lessons in the music. This week we're going to learn a drum fill. So it's gonna be a little more complicated than what we learned before. It has a fun name. I learned this one from a guy on the internet who calls it Pat Boone Debby Boone and Pat Boone.

Debby Boone were people from the 70s were actors, but it sounds like it. Kind of easiest way to remember it. What we're going to do is you're going to be playing the snare drum with your right hand. Then play the rack tom with your right hand. Then you're gonna play right on the snare drum, then the right hand on the Tom and then you're gonna play a crash with the kick drum. So yeah.

Shown to you one more time right Again, like we talked about before, it's really important to get that kick drum in there at the same time when you hit your crash cymbal. The next part we're going to add to this drum fill is a slow dynamic buildup using eighth notes on the floor tom and the snare drum at the same time. Now, when you play a try and build the energy up, this is a really great thing on the drums. Because you're the loudest instrument in the band almost all the time. It's you control when when things go louder or quieter more than any other instrument. So that brings up two things that are challenging one is you have to learn how to play quiet enough to not bury everybody else and play with good time.

And you also can control when you want things to get louder or quieter suddenly, so if you can build up by playing, starting quietly and build it up, it adds something nice to the music and we combine the two parts together. They say Sound like this show to you one more time. Now when we're doing just the first part, it takes up two beats. So it's going to be at the end of the fourth bar in our pattern. When we add in the second part of our fill, which are the building eighth notes, it's going to take up an entire bar. So you're going to end up playing three beats of the rock part, and then a full drum bar fill.

Now how long drum fill lasts for is really important so that you always end up in the right place in the next part of the song. So that's why I'm often talking about whether it's a two beat fill or a four beat fill, it's really important to know the difference. Now later on, after you become a lot more comfortable in the drum kit, you'll just feel whether it's two, three or four beats and where it goes. You won't have to count As much but for now it's important to remember the counting so that you begin to fill in the right place, and don't throw everything off. Because again, also, playing drums is awesome, but because you're the loudest instrument and you're the one holding the time, the tightest if you fall apart in a drum fill, it has the biggest effect. If you're playing clarinet and you miss a note, it doesn't usually tend to throw everybody off in the same way that it doesn't drums if you start the drum fill in the wrong place.

Keep up the great work and we'll see in the practice video.

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