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This next way of using video sort of piggybacks on the last lesson. Regarding Skype, it's not something most people typically think of. But here it is give a keynote speech at a convention entirely through online video. Regardless of what field you're in, if you've been doing it for a while, and you have any sort of a reputation, you're likely to be invited to speak. Now, you might not get invited to speak and have a big 20 or $30,000 keynote speaking fee as a professional speaker, chances are a lot more likely you're asked to speak for free to get to give back to a community or profession, or as an opportunity to promote your business. Here's what I now do with speaking opportunities around the world.

If someone says, TJ Can you speak in New Zealand and we can't afford your normal fee? I say, Sure. Let's do the whole thing through Skype video. It works extremely well. All you have to do is let people on the other end know that it's even possible. Because if you can speak on Skype video or any other platform, all they need is to connect the computer or laptop that you're speaking into in their hand to a projector, they can project it up on a wall, a screen that's 50 feet.

They can plug the audio out of that computer into speakers. You could be seen by 50 people 505,000 people, you think about it, many conventions you go to. There's more than a couple hundred people in the room. Quite often you're not watching the speaker speak, you're watching the big jumbotron you're you're watching the big iMac the image magnification, the screen so it's not that much different from the standpoint of the audience. It's saved. She a ton of time this way.

Let's say I'm not going as far away as New Zealand but if I'm just going to the next state over to give a speech that's a whole day out of my life by the time I've traveled there gotten there shaking hands, other things talk to people afterwards traffic, but that's a day out of my life. That's eight hours out of my life. But now I can give a keynote speech to any organization in the world or any business in the world. And I can do it in my case, I have a home studio, so I don't even have to put on shoes I can wear slippers. And it only takes me the time when I'm speaking so it doesn't take a lot of extra effort. This is a simple white backdrop.

We're not going to spend a lot of time on backdrops and productions as I warned you in the beginning, but this is a white PowerPoint slide. I'm just in front of a TV and yet it can be a great experience for the audience. done this now with speeches all over the world. I've got my speaker here, I can hear them just as you would any Skype video or zoom conference. They just have to plug a microphone in on there. And so this is another great tool.

Most people, even if they like speaking and are ambitious and energetic, will try to say yes to speaking engagements. But if they can't fly to the place, they'll just say, Sorry, it doesn't work. I'm recommending you don't turn anyone down. You just say yes, I'll do it. But it's going to have to be a keynote speech via Skype video or some other platform. You'll reach a lot more of an audience, no travel time.

It's a huge, huge win, and it's underused.

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