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Hi and a big warm welcome to Module Two of this three part series in how to meditate. I'm Peter Radcliffe. And I want to congratulate you on taking the step to take your meditation to that next deeper level. In this section, we are going to really bring the meditation up and make you give you the knowledge to enable you to enhance your meditation practice. Now, I will tell you that in this module, there is a lot more work to do. You see in module one I wanted to give people into into introduction to meditation, to let them know how to meditate at a basic level and to motivate them to try meditation and to see some of the benefits.

But the thing is that I believe that like any good practice that you do in life, if you want to get good at something, there is a certain amount of work to be involved. And at this stage in this module, we want to try to give you the tools to bring your mind and have it stay on one meditation object. If you remember back to the stages of meditation lecture or lesson that I gave the elephant, the first four parts of that path, there's a lot of fire, which means there's a lot of effort and we're trying to get the meditation or sorry, we're trying to get the mind to stay on one more object in meditation for at least 50% of the time, you know, 60 70% of the time without being distracted. And only then can we start thinking about going to the lab, the other stages, you know, getting up into stage five and six, where we talk about actually pacifying the mind and bringing the mind a great deal of calmness through what we're going to be going going to be talking about.

On the Advanced teachings. However, if your mind is highly distracted, then you're not going to be able to spend the intense focus in time on those things we talked about in the advanced module to really give them a chance to pacify the mind. So it is important to put a lot of work in now at this intermediate stage to get your mind focused on that meditation object for an extended period of time. Okay, that being step, let's just cover off a few of the things that we talked about in module one, just to refresh them in your mind before we take you into more subjects to do with the mind itself. So in Module One, we gave you two really basic types of meditation that on the body, and we talked about body meditation in the meditation postures seven point meditation posture, we gave you a meditation online Gan to help you go Sleep a body scan, we also did walking meditation.

So a number of different ways you can meditate on the body, we then move to the breath meditation, and the breath is much calmer, or it's more subtle than the body and therefore it can give you a karma experience. But it is also harder to grasp, at least in the longer term, because of that subtleness. So that way is a sort of a step up from meditation on the body. But hopefully you have grasped that. In order to help you stay on the meditation object. We suggested that you meditate on things like colors, or meditate on the different parts of the breath.

So we're going to take that to a new level. We also gave you a rough explanation of where to see how to do it, how long to do it for, we also threw in some meditations on contemplation to try to understand Mind, and also some meditations on open heartedness to get those feelings of generosity and selflessness flowing, which is so important in the long run in having a good meditation practice. So now that we've covered all of that, we're ready to go on to the next module in Module Two. And like module one, I have split the teachings in the meditation app in the sort of how to meditate and understanding the mind and the technique, part of the teaching. And then as well as talking about how to actually do some of the meditations from the mindfulness point of view, and learning about the mind and contemplate as well as more open hearted meditations.

And you can meditate at any time by just looking at the meditations that come with this module, and loading them onto your iPad and practicing those each morning. So feel free to do That whatever you wish and then come back and learn these teachings to understand and get a better grasp of how the mind works in meditation

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