Summary of Module 2

7 minutes
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Okay, welcome and congratulations for finishing pretty much all the lessons in module two of this technique, teaching and teaching you how to meditate. So what I want to do in this video is just wrap it all up, you know, summarize it all, so to speak, and then talk about where to next in terms of the advanced teachings, and maybe even going on to help others in your community learn to meditate. So just to wrap things up, we began this module by talking about the background of where these teachings come from and the four foundations and then we dive into the latest neurology, about the brain and the nervous system in the body, and the science behind how meditation works and what's happening within our nervous system. Now, I think It is really good to understand this because our job, if you like, is to bring all of these systems and really, that's what they are emotional systems and nervous systems, etc, into that place, which gives you the calmness and happiness that were all after.

And it's obviously healthy for us and all of that. So by understanding those systems, from a science perspective, it helps me in any right, and I'm sure it'll help you, I guess, understand what's going on in your mind and your body as you're doing meditation. And that I think, in the end will make you a better meditator. So from there, we talked about the techniques, and these techniques have been around for thousands of years. And they are not that accessible in the world today, but they are what took me from being a pretty average meditator to a much better meditator. And so I think they are Very important.

And I've given you one technique, the technique that I learned, I know it works. So I'm sure it'll work to you. There are probably slight differences in different traditions. But in general, this technique of focusing the mind and working on mindfulness and the power of mindfulness, and clarity and then the energy of intensity to bring those qualities up in the mind is instrumental in that next step of increasing your ability to meditate. And then once we talked about the technique, and I know that's hard, I suggested you've got to keep your motivation high, and intersperse it with easy meditations and meditations which concentrate on positive emotions and getting rid of negative emotions. And by the way, there are other modalities which help in this regard.

For example, I also teach NLP and Life Coaching. And some of those techniques are excellent at getting rid of negative emotions that are that are staying with you and holding you back. So you might want to explore that or I'm sure you know of lots and lots of other modalities and techniques and practitioners out there that can help alleviate the obstacles or difficulties that you're coming up with. And so I recommend that you do that, mix it all up and see if you can get them working together. So then we talked about the obstacles that come up in meditation and we wrapped it up with a whole list of antidotes that you could use when you notice some of these obstacles coming up. Because motivation is the key and the more you do it, the more practice you get at it, the better you will become and eventually you'll start feeling the benefits of meditation and that in itself will motivate you to do more Meditation.

So that's it really for module two, it's a, it's important to really strengthen the mind and to understand what's happening when you're doing meditation and to really get that technique correct. And then, in the next module, module three, we're going even deeper. Now, I must say, of course, that meditation have been around for thousands of years, and it's really been mostly in the domain of Hindus and the Buddhists over in India. So the next module we are going to explore some concepts that are really more pertinent to those religions, but nevertheless really assist us in getting to meditation and in particular, it's this idea that there is no real good or bad or difficult situations out there. Other than than what we project onto the situations. So if we come across some hardship in our life, but we look at it, or we judge it from the point of view, well, this is an opportunity for me to grow and therefore it's a benefit to have this hardship in my life, then it ceases to be a problem.

And like that, what we project out there on the world is the problem and and if we see that, there's no what we call inherent good or bad or existence, without us projecting onto it, then that will, that's that's the key thing in being able to allow meditation, to really renounce and get detachment for those things that really pull our mind. So we talked about, as you know, probably 10, different techniques which we're going to use to create Please cut off our distractions altogether. And to finally bring us to that one pointed state of meditation. They're very, very powerful, if done correctly, and if done in conjunction with the techniques that we've talked about in module two. So I'm looking forward to teaching you that if you haven't already done so, get module three activated into your members area, and then I'll look forward to talking to you there.

And then finally, if you're learning meditation, you want to give it out to the people in your community. And we're trying to foster groups of like minded people that come together and meditate. And so we want to teach you as a leader. So we also have, are we producing a leaders module in how to run your own class, it will be of great learning to you and the best thing is, you'll be able to then help teach other people this fabulous art of meditation. So, thank you for much good luck in your journey and I look forward to seeing you for some really deep teachings

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