Mindfulness of Feelings

4 minutes
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Okay, so now we're going to move on to meditation of feeling. In lesson two of this module we talked about the four foundations of mindfulness. And in Module One, we spent a lot of time on that first foundation of mindfulness, mindfulness of body. We did meditation on the body, sitting meditation on the body, walking, even meditation on the body lying down, and even to a certain extent meditation on the body as it breathes. But now we're going to look at a more subtle aspect which is underneath the body lies the feelings because for a beginner, we have a lot of difficulties with the body, we have pains and itches and irritations, etc. But if you think about it, at the end of the day, these are actually feelings The problem is not the pain of the body.

As it is because like for example, let's say we get pins and needles in the legs Well, when we get up and we shake our legs out about a minute later our legs back to normal, so we're not actually doing any physical damage. So the problem is actually the feeling that it distracts our mind. Now, we need to tune into these feelings, because what you'll find is that if you have agitation in your mind, and it causes you to feel agitated, then your body will necessarily come up with all these aches and pains. But if your mind is calm, then you find the pains and aches and itches in your body reduced significantly for probably more to the point they just don't worry us anymore. So we're going now into looking at feeling and what I want you to do is to concentrate more on what are the feelings going on in the body and how is your mind reacting To those feelings, rather than necessarily worrying about the pains in your body, what you'll find is if you're doing the meditation correctly, and you're being able to stay on the meditation object, which in this case, we'll be talking about meditation of breathing on concentration and mindfulness of breathing, then because breathing is a neutral subject, our mind should then be peaceful because it's not being stirred up by emotion.

Then saying when you notice that you are getting agitated, stressed, angry, jealous, happy, excited, or whatever, then it has to be because there's some sort of thought pattern I distraction from the meditation practice playing out underneath your meditation. So in the next few audios, we're going to take a deep dive into the specific techniques of breathing meditation and gaining clarity intensity and mindfulness. But when you find that there's a negative feeling in your body, just check in to see what thought patterns and where you're distracted. And you'll notice that there's a correlation between the feeling and then distraction. And then of course, bring your mind back to the meditation object. And hopefully if you can stay on the meditation object for a bit longer, then the feelings will also subside.

Now, if our feelings keep going, then we need to do specific meditations on you know, forgiveness or appreciation or whatever, which we'll cover later. But for the time being, just be aware of the feelings and how they relate to distractions that you currently have. In your mind. Okay,

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