Motivation is the Key

4 minutes
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Okay, so if you've been listening to all the previous videos and I assume you have, you will see that there's perhaps a lot more work to meditation then perhaps you originally thought, and it wouldn't surprise me if you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed right now. Well with all the counting and the colors and the parts of the breath and all this technique to try to get our intensity and clarity up. So in this video, I want to talk about motivation because motivation at this stage is really key to keep pushing through that difficult part, at least until you get to the part of meditation where you feel the benefits of meditation and that will help motivate you even further. So as well as doing the technique matters. It's good to swap out easier meditations and in particular, meditations on motivation. So below, I've actually recorded a meditation which is actually out of the Buddhist tradition, but it's really a contemplation of ideas that are common across many religions and many philosophies.

So it's fairly standard in that way. But it's a set of four contemplations that really give you a motivational experience to say hi, let's get on and and work through this meditation and get stickered, this meditation technique. So you can try those meditations. And additionally, I've also got a series of motivational videos, which take you through different techniques to motivate yourself and actually these are not only for meditation practice, but anything that you want to motivate yourself. for meditation in particular, of course, reading motivational books, and the best kind of books that I like, are the auto biographies of some of the great meditators, like Miller rapper or whatever are very inspirational figures, I mean, some of the ones that are inspirational to me and people like the Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi and various others, but because everyone comes from different spiritualities and different traditions, you pick the people that are most motivational to you, and read about the hardships that they've gone through and how they pulled them through ourselves through the difficult years.

Because inevitably, people who have achieved great things have always struggled through difficulty. And as I say, if you read about meditators as the same, the adverse conditions that they have to put up with and how they push through that and that's motivating for us to get back into our own practice now Gonna be a bit challenging at the end of this video and also say that if you are finding that this meditation is a lot of work, and that is off putting to you, it actually does show that there is a clinging to not wanting to do hard work, sort of laziness really. And the end of the day, one of the things that we are going to do in meditation is we have to become equanimity, about everything. So, one needs to be quite happy to do difficult work, but also quite happy to take it easy when the occasion arises that you can do that.

So the idea is to become equanimity. In other words, some people actually become a bit fatalistic or a bit, you know, self punishing in driving themselves too much and that's also a mistake. So we need to have this balance between not Being afraid of doing hard work, but also celebrating in the successes when we get a peaceful meditation. So, click on the link which takes you to another set of videos on different motivational techniques. Try the meditation below. And make sure that you intersperse the technique meditations with other meditations like motivational or open hearted meditations, which we're going to go into next.

To make sure you keep your motivation high and keep doing your meditation every day. Okay, thanks.

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