Summary of Technique

3 minutes
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Okay, so we've gone into quite a lot of detail on the technique in the last couple of audios. And so I thought I would just give this real brief video to summarize everything. Now what we're after is clarity, mindfulness and intensity in our meditation practice included a little table below, which shows you which parts of the technique are aimed at, intensify or gathering some of those qualities. So first of all, we do need to fixate out breath. So we fixated both visually by thinking about the colors and the breath. We also fixated by actually choosing a point and I suggest you choose the feeling of the breath going in and out of your nostrils, but it might be the breathing, of your chest expanding and That sort of thing, we might even be able to hear the breath, going in and out or even smell, maybe a smell.

So we use our five senses to fixate ourselves on one point of both the base the breath, and also the visualization in your mind of the rest of that fixation. And then because we want to focus on that and bring our concentration, we bring in qualities which are more fascinating. So the colors or maybe bringing in strength or persistence or whatever, we can bring that in on the in breath and using the colors. Now, by taking it from concentrating on the three parts of the breath to the nine parts of the breath, we have to use a lot of concentration. So this builds up the intensity of the practice. So you really alert your super alert.

There's this misnomer that meditation is this half sleep, meditate, you know, very kind of lazy, lethargic type of action. But it's not as quite intense. And then finally, of course, probably the most important aspect of all is the mindfulness. And apart from just making sure on the meditation object, we introduce counting to double check that we're mindful that we're at the correct count of the breath, and even in the correct mindfulness in the correct part of the cycle. So if we're doing 1121231234, it's like where are we at in that cycle. So it's a lot of work to do.

So they will gather these qualities of clarity, focus, I guess, but mainly clarity, mindfulness, in intensity, and they are like abilities or strengths of the mind if you like. Now, when you gather those together in this meditation process, and then we have a mini break, those qualities kind of hang around in the mind for a while. And then if you have a mini break, those qualities can produce an amazing sense of clarity, but at the same time relaxation and that can result in a sense of feeling blissful. And that's when the meditation is really good. And then with bliss, we like to meditate so our mind tends to come in on itself because it likes being just with itself because so happy in just sitting and just not doing anything but just being and that's where you get the real benefits of meditation. So that's a quick summary.

I've put it in a table below. So have a look at that table. You can even print it out and stick it up. Because these aspects is so important in getting the correct technique for meditation. I hope that helps.

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