Printing The Mood Board

How To Create Mood Boards Mood Board Creation
5 minutes
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To save out your mood board, simply click right here where it says file, then Save As and choose your destination. And here you can choose your output format. The best output format for print is a PDF file. So search for it right here. There it is. Click Save, then this dialog will pop up.

But it says the settings blah, blah, blah, it doesn't really matter. Just click OK. Now this dialog will pop up. You really don't have to do anything right here, apart from us the size that you want this print to be. So basically smallest file size is going to be the worst quality and high quality print will be the best quality and simply click Save PDF file. Again, click Yes. And that's it.

It's saving right here and this part goes out Completely, it will save the file and then you can print it out. When you're finally saved, located in your folder, I simply double click right here to open it up. And right here in your Adobe Acrobat or whichever program you're using, you'll have to simply click on Print, locate your printer, and then start printing your mood board. And once you're done printing out your mood board, you can see roughly how it looks like sorry about these lines, but the toner on my printer is running low and I forgot to replace it, but you get the idea. You can print as many of these mood boards as you want, stack them inside of the folder or show them to clients. Of course, you can add the hex colors right here below these colors.

So let's just quickly do that. So we can select colors, all of them at once. Hold Alt and then scroll wheel on your mouse. Press t on your keyboard for a text tool. type something for example, like this, I'm going to use our regular font, smaller size. Maybe even smaller.

Yeah, something like this. So maybe we can move it to here ctrl j to duplicate positions here, then here, and here. What you can do is click here, select the first color by using this color picker tool. Here is the hex color right here. Select Ctrl C to copy, press D, click Ctrl A to select press V. And now the developer for example can know which color Is this one if the client doesn't like this color, and you can double click right here, change it to perhaps a darker color. Okay, now we have different tax tax code selected, and then simply do this process.

Again. This is a very good method of showing your developers for either your website or your app, which colors the client likes. And then and they can quickly start working on the project. If you like these mood boards, but you really don't have time to create all dem on your own, we do have two products of our own. This one is for the print. So you have 15 ready to use mood board templates.

If you scroll down, you can see how they look like they're both for a four and us letter sizes. And all of them have these image icons were image Images should be. They all come with video tutorials so they can get you started right away. To purchase them simply click on this button, it will take you to our gumroad shop, simply click Buy this and then your purchase will be done. And the other one is for social media. You can do the same thing, but we are providing you with four different formats for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

So you can scroll down to see how they look like. They are also the same price as these ones and the same thing for the purchase. Simply click right here it will take you to our gumroad shop, click on the button and you're set to go. These ones have the video tutorial as well so they can quickly get you started. And the main difference between these ones and these ones. These ones are a four and letter sizes as you See right here, so they are don't differ too much.

But these ones do. For the Instagram they are squared. For the Facebook and Twitter they are more rectangular shape. And for the Pinterest, they are narrow but longer shapes and they all look the same. So they all have the same number of shapes inside them same number of color swatches and so on. They're just positioned differently.

So you can create the same mood board for these four different social media pages. And they can get you quickly started for your project. So once again, you can see how easy it is to create these mood boards. But again, if you don't have time, you can purchase one of our products to increase your speed in your next project.

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