Creating A Mood Board

How To Create Mood Boards Mood Board Creation
10 minutes
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Before we start creating our own mood board in Photoshop, let me just quickly show you some samples that we created previously. So here is one, this one has the theme of travel. So you can get your viewer in the mood, and show them all kinds of different locations, all kinds of different colors. This circle right here can be used for a logo can be used for all kinds of different images, for text, and so on. These shapes at the bottom, represent some sample colors from these images. So you can quickly show your client what kinds of colors may be used in a website or app or a branding project, whatever you are doing.

So let me just quickly show you a couple of them. So this one is more about fashion. This one more is more about startup environment. So you can see a lot of young people in the office environment. clean, very white, very minimal. This is one more for the travel.

So you can quickly get your viewer in the mood and explain them. What can be done with these mood boards, of course, because you're printing them, you can easily show them and for example, okay, we don't like this image because it stands out too much from these other images. Can we replace it, maybe put some a cityscape image right here, and then sample the color from that image to the swatches right here. We don't like this image, let's replace it and so on. So let me just jump right in. So we can start creating our own mood board.

Because we are using a4 paper size here, I'm going to create a four size. But if you're using a letter us letter format, you can do that or any other format. So what you can basically do is come right here to the File, New and then Choose centimeters or you can use millimeters or inches or whatever is your desire format for the a4 is 21 height is 29.7 and 300 is the resolution because we are going to print out this mood board. simple click OK. Or if you want to save this template, you can name it and just click Save preset. Click ok. I'm going to unlock this layer by clicking here.

And because I'm going to use shape layers, I'm going to click right here. u is the shortcut. Just click drag. press V on your keyboard for the move tool. move them around so they snap into place. If you don't see this grids, you can come right here to the view show and then click to all of them.

Right here pixel and click rulers. So you can have these rulers right here and to the left, and also include snap so the elements can snap to the position. Let's delete this layer by clicking Delete, double click right here, click BG, which stands for background, it's just shorter and easier. Double click right here. This color dialog will pop up. Select white, for example.

And we can start creating our own shapes for the images. So if you remember, like I showed you right here, we can create all kinds of different shapes, maybe nine or 10. So again, click right here and drag and drop your first shape. It doesn't have to be exact. It doesn't have to be you can of course, enter the measurements right here, but some people find it easier when things are organized. Some people find it easy easier when things are chaotic.

It's really up to you how you like to create things. So you can change the shape. From here, you can use the rounded rectangle tool, Ellipse tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool line tool, or you can use a custom shape tool right here. But we are going to keep this simple and just use a normal Rectangle tool. Double click right here to change its color, use the D, put a very light gray, press okay, use the Move tool, move it right here and then hold shift and down arrow key four times so you can move with 40 pixels. To the right, again, move 40 pixels and then just click right here, hold your left mouse click and drag.

So we can drag this guide. Do the same right here. And then a move this you can quickly do that by holding Control, clicking right here. Again, using the Move Tool shortcut is V move it's to the right by clicking here Ctrl D to deselect, again, shift now left four times. So we can move it 40 pixels, and again, use the guide so we can drag it right here, do the same for the bottom. So Ctrl Click V for the move tool, and now click right here so you can move it down to the bottom Ctrl D to deselect, shift and the up arrow key for time so we can move four pixels.

And that's it. Now we have our really organized guides so they can help us to achieve the consistent look across all of them. So now we can start playing around with these shapes. Instead of drawing all of them up. You can use a shortcut Ctrl J to duplicate this shape. holding Shift you can position it down because we used 40 pixels, maybe you can do the same right here.

So four times, press enter, then maybe you can stretch it down right here. Use this one again Ctrl J more, which is four pixels. And now maybe it can snap right here. Maybe we can make it a little bit shorter Ctrl J, that was a Ctrl. h if you want to hide the guides, as you can see here, so 1234 by holding Shift, so we can only 40 pixels 1234 maybe we can create something like this. Maybe.

Let's do it like so. Now maybe we can create a color swatches so ctrl j to duplicate this one like so. 1234 Now we can reduce its size to around, I don't know, right here Ctrl J 1234 Ctrl J 1234 Ctrl J 1234. Now, we have this space left right here, what you can do is simply hold Shift, then using the move tool, click, click, click to select all of them and just drag right here. It doesn't have to really be exact. You can of course do it that way if you want to do it, but for the sake of time, let's just position it like so Ctrl J, move this one a bit down to around here, so 1234 Down, down to the guide.

Now you can see how useful the guides are Ctrl J again Move this one to snap right here. That's why we turn the snap on, move it up 1234. And let's create another one, move it below 1234. And again, like we did these ones, called shift, select and drag, so it can snap right here. You can change the colors of all of these shape layers simply by selecting one of them and double click and then change its color and it will update in real time. If you want to use the stroke around it, you can press A on your keyboard and as you can see the fill color is DDT that we used for all of them and there is no stroke color.

To change that click here, then here and simply select one of the colors for example, this one and you can see what it does. If I Ctrl H to hide the guides. So you can snap image right here, you can change the thickness of the stroke, for example, 20. Press Enter, and you can see what that does. Let me go back by doing Ctrl Zed a few times. And there you go.

To keep things more organized, do a Ctrl H so you can see what I'm selecting. You can click on the first one, hold Shift, click, click, click, and then use Ctrl G. So you can create a group and name them colors. For example, you can always do a top. You can of course, keep things organized. You can use this one name, it's number one. This one can be for example number two, this one can be 3456.

And finally seven. And now to keep things even more Organize, you can click hold with your left mouse click and just drag so you can arrange them numerically like so. And there you go, you created your first mood board. If I click Ctrl H to hide the guides, you can see how it looks like. So. In the next video we are going to include some images right here.

Choose the topic for your mood board and I will show you how you can sample the colors to put here in these color swatches.

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