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How To Create Mood Boards Mood Board Creation
7 minutes
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Okay, in this video, we are going to add images to our newly created mood board. There are really two ways to do this. For example, first way is to just simply drag and drop the image from the folder that you want to use, press OK or right here, right click and then create clipping mask. So it will clip to this first image that we created using the move tool. And by holding Shift, we can scale it down and click and position it however you want inside of this space, you can use arrows on your keyboard and holding Shift, you can nudge it and move it around so it can fit to the space better. But the other way that I'm going to show you is by creating Smart Objects, in my opinion, that's the better way because the smart object will keep the image inside without it going out to the borders.

So to do that, Right click right here, Convert to Smart Object. Do the same with all them. And don't worry, they're holding the shape layer inside. So once you click inside of the Smart Object, you can change their color like we did before. So now what you can do is double click right here to open up. And as you can see, it will open this shape inside of this new window.

Now you can drag and drop the image inside, position it however you want. I'm scaling it down evenly by holding Shift Alt and left click to one of the corners and just drag your mouse back and forward to increase the size. Click right here. And of course as I said before, you can hold shift and move it around however you want. And then for it to show right here. What you need to do is click Ctrl S to save it back.

And now as you can see if I close this one object, if I click it contained the image inside of its borders, and to edit the image or change it later, just double click right here to open it up. So those are two different strategies to do it not to do things. I personally prefer using smart objects because it's much simpler for me wants to increase the speed, you can do the first method, so I can just drag and drop some images. I'm using free cc zero images, if you don't know what they are and you want to find out and find some links to them. There are literally millions of cc zero images. We have a course on that.

So check that out to find out where to where to get them. Now what you can do is simply start creating your mood board by dragging and dropping these images Clicking on the clipping mask, for example this team can be, I don't know, your client approach to you. And he wants our travel website done. And now to get you, your team and that client in the mood, you want to show him what these travel locations usually look like. So you can find out about what kinds of images Do you need to use to attract potential visitors to that location, what kinds of weather is out there, what kinds of colors are in the buildings and nature and so on. So these images will really come in handy for this imaginary project of ours.

So again, just drag drop, right click Create Clipping Mask, you can hold Shift to position it however you want. For example, right here. I don't like this guy. So I will increase the size simply dragging and dropping. You can position it like so to zoom on on the boat. So you can show to your clients Okay, maybe these visitors can maybe rent this boat and they can go out to the sea and they can maybe start fishing or exploring.

In some locations, you can find this really old boats that people can rent out and go on a day trips for example. I don't know maybe there isn't some pirate team going on. In some locations. Records see right here some locations can be for Valentine's Day for the couples for the anniversaries and so on. For the people who are in love. So maybe you can show that if that is the point of your location.

Of course, some locations can have This really old boats, for example, I don't know if you go to Fiji maybe some people who are living there for hundreds of years are using this sort of wooden boats. And maybe there is some attraction in the location where you can rent out these boats and go with some local people are either fishing or sightseeing. I don't know. It all depends on your location and your client and the project and so on. Now, to choose colors for this project. What you can do is click right here to open up the colors folder.

We forgot to name them, maybe you can click right here and type color one Ctrl A to select Ctrl C to copy Ctrl V to paste. Then simply do this. And again, you can order them if you want just things, keep these things clean. Organize now and the dominant color is blue. So double click right here and select a nice blue color. For example, this one.

Now the second dominant color is maybe the color of the sand. So we can double click right here and select this one or maybe just click right here and drag to make it more natural looking and to correspond better to this one. Third color is the white color. But we are going to use I don't know, for example, this color, maybe that's the color of the of the sea and the clouds and so on. And finally, some color of the rocks For example, I don't know, maybe not this one, maybe this one. But you get the idea.

You just click through all of them to find what you're looking for. There we go. For example that one and as you can see, your mood board is ready to go If you don't like this white background color, that's why we created it using the shape layer, double click right here. And then maybe you can use a some different color to make your mood board stand out, for example, this wooden color. It doesn't work in this example, but you get the idea. Maybe you want to use darker oil like this one.

In this example, I'm going to leave it white. And that's it. Our mood board is ready to print. In the next video, I'm going to show you how you can quickly print your mood board and show it to your clients.

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