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8 minutes
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Needle felting begins by rolling up a small amount of wool and stabbing it with your needle here we have some corbel. So when you stab your world with your felting needle, it grabs the wool pulls it down, but not back up. So let's start rolling. We could tuck these sides in. Okay, so now we're going to start stabbing, by stabbing the wool over and over, while turning your wool. It continues to pull the wool into itself, which locks those tiny fibers, those tiny scales on the end of those fibers together, and you just keep poking and stabbing while turning your will.

Eventually, that results in affirm dense shape. Here we're going to create either a ball Or it could be a little for this project it could be a little flat on one side. So here I am, I'm just rotating turning. I'm also squeezing the wall a little to bring it together and you just continue stabbing and poking and getting your frustrations out. I find that needle felting is very therapeutic. So here we have a ball.

So this will become the face of the pig. Figure I have one that's already felted now I'm gonna make the ears let's put this aside. Grab a tiny bit of wool. It's always a little matter in these in this will. little bits and pieces. This stuff.

So I'm going to fold that over. Give that a little poke the fold one and in to create a point. Give it a poke. Fold the other end in, give it a poke, see an IRS forming. Turn it over, poke it a little bit more. As you can see I'm not felting the end here because that's going to be used to connect to the head.

Here we have kind of a triangle. I'm going to take a little bit of my pink wall and add that into the inside of the ear. So here I am embellishing it with a little bit of pink color and you don't have to stand up that deeply. Give it a little bit of pink. We can clean that up those edges up later. So here I have two ears.

Now I'm gonna make this now take some more wool. Roll that over. Roll this piece over. Give it a stare. Roll your staff. Keep turning it over from the side leave a little loose on the edge.

Here we have kind of a tubular shape. I'm gonna read the end of the wall here. I want to connect that to this piece. Connected almost in the middle, maybe, maybe down towards the bottom of the, of the shape. And now we're going to needle felt that in. Remember, you always want to felt on your pad, not in your lap.

I sometimes tend to lift it up. Oh, see, I just stabbed myself to stop this happens to everyone because she could see this now it's a bit long. I'm gonna just take my scissors and give it a whack. snare we add a little bit of time. Pink to the snout. You know you can add a little or a lot depending on how quick you think you want it.

Sometimes cut these guns away here. Then we'll take our black wall you don't need much. Kind of twirl it in your fingers a little and add nostrils just take a little bit more flak we'll roll it up and hook that in. See I have more on this side. So I'm just going to add a little bit more. Coke coke coke isn't there you have a snout.

Now we're going to attach our ears. Remember I told you to leave a little loose here probably don't need that much. Just rip it off. So here we're going to do on the top of the head and just attach your ear. just poke it and stab it. Get your other air like that on top.

What kind of is already coming together? So cute. It's so simple. measure a bunch of beats all connected. You can make like a children's mobile or is it mobile is that Nokia or mobile? I'm not sure there you have the ears.

What you could do is you could also clean these up a little, you can just cut away some of that we'll give it a little bit of an a neater surface. Now for the eyes, if you don't have any bees on hand, you can use your black wool. But if you do have some bees, I'll show you here. They have these little stems on them, but you can actually use beads that don't have a stem. Whatever I do is cut a little hole here and then a little hole here. I use a little glue but for right now I'm just gonna play season Lala Oink, oink.

I hope you Enjoy that little tutorial of this cute little Piglet thanks

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