Crop Vs. Full Frame Cameras Demo

Photography - 101 Learning More About Your Camera
4 minutes
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All right, so let's go ahead and get our athletes set up in their hero shot event and Olivia, come on in. We're gonna set you guys up right here on this little pedestal there's a spider. No spider. Okay. I hope what's gone Okay, so event let's have you kind of pointing towards this direction and what we're going to do is probably place Olivia right behind. Okay, so now we're going to do this hero shot, we're gonna shoot it low, but we need to light them we do everything we need to get the pose right to.

And we noticed that this, this stump was a bit tall. So we got another piece of wood right here, which we just basically picked up from, well, the forest. So I'm gonna place events, back foot on this and we can just place it right. Kind of like there. There we go. Want to make sure it looks like a good angle to the camera.

It looks pretty decent. I'm putting it bark side forward because the backside really is not that pretty to look at. And we can actually turn it a little bit more Okay, so let's go ahead and like now what we're going to want to do with the lighting is, we still have some pretty good sunlight right here, I'm going to set up two silver reflectors right here, we'll put them on Stan's. Again, these are the standard five one reflectors, we want to add as much light as we can into them. So we can kind of bounce them with the background and create Well, a much more editorial look to the image with that versus kind of just going with this which is going to look more sort of lifestyle ask again, we want to go with editorial powerful look, we're probably going to need another silver side also, which I don't have a third stance, I'll probably have just my assistant hold, and he'll hold about right here to fill light into livius space and also to fill a little bit the shadow side.

Let's go ahead and do that right now. So I have our stems. The reason that we're shooting the low angles because again, I want this to be a hero shot where our subjects they kind of dominate the frame with athletic shots with these kind of poses. You know, you don't see this a lot when photographers go and shoot Olympic athletes. You get Load to give them a sense of power over the frame. And it gives them that kind of domineering stance, you can do this with anybody, you want to make a businessman look extra powerful, shoot him a little bit bottom up, it'll give them that kind of look and authority over the frame.

So let's go ahead and check this out. Now. This looks beautiful. So what I'm gonna do, since I do have my cannon here, I'm going to go ahead and bring up the live view just because it's going to be super simple. And I want to shoot this first for compositional purposes at F two, eight, because I do want them both to be very sharp, but I want them to be good separation in the background, after a will have good separation from the background, but they're not going to be well I don't want that super soft look in the background because again, I don't feel like it's very editorial. So I do want to have a little bit more depth and dimension there.

And just a little more in focus. So we're gonna go with 2.8 I'm going to bring the shutter speed down to one 200 of a second is right about spot on. For right now. When the sun comes out, we will need to adjust this if the sun comes out full we're probably going to go up to one 500 of a second. In between we'll go down to one 251 200 and so So just kind of keep that in mind, I can see that the sun is getting a little bit brighter as I'm even talking to you guys. Okay, so again, I'll probably go up to one to 15th right now, just to balance that right away.

That's perfect. So one today, the second f2, eight, remember ISO 100, because we want to get as much dynamic range as possible. So let's go ahead and take the shot real fast. Tony, you're a tiny bit in. So just lift up a little bit. Okay, so pose wise, I think everything's good.

We get this shot. Oh, this is awesome. Perfect. Now, you guys gonna hold perfectly still. Okay, what I'm going to do is I'm going to switch out to my full frame camera. I just want to see what this image looks like.

I want everybody else to see it as well. Okay, let's get down to that same position I'm framing in the same way. Let's go ahead and turn on a camera. We were at one 250 of a second at f 2.8. So I'm going to go ahead and dial in the same settings here. f2 eight.

Perfect. I'm going to have them in the right one third, and we're going to take the shot. Okay, now this is kind of crazy because in this camera All I'm seeing is just my subjects. I mean, I framed it so that everything else is out of the image. But in the 583, we can see every single reflector because you can see how much wider that full frame view is versus the crop sensor view. That's it for this tutorial.

Hopefully you all out there understand the difference now between a crop versus full frame camera, essentially the change that it's going to have or the effect is going to have over the effective focal length or the effective view of your lens. But you guys can see that hey, we have a crop sensor camera right here we have a rebel and a basic 35 million lens and we're able to create some awesome images, professional images, just by setting up our lighting, setting up our pose and getting everything right in scene. Alright, that's it for this video. We'll see you on the next one.

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