AI Servo With Action Shots

Photography - 101 Sharp Images And Focusing Techniques
6 minutes
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Okay, so I'm back here on my Nikon I'm on the DVD 200 again, this time on the 85 millimeter because what we're gonna do here is a little bit different. This is the situation where I would use the AI servo or the continuous servo function. So let me go ahead and turn that on right now I'm going to go ahead and go into the quick shooting menu. And we're going to turn on the focus mode, we're going to go into continuous servo AF. I'm also going to select the AF area mode again, we're going to use the same single point AF because I want to be as accurate as possible. But in the continuous servo mode, we do have other options available other area options available so if you aren't sure exactly where you want to be focusing, choose an area option because it will give you a little bit more kind of leeway to get the focus but I'm gonna go with single point AF Okay, what are these area options that pi is talking about?

When it comes to AF or autofocus? Well, depending on your camera, you're gonna have different area options when it comes to AF For example, here I've got a much more advanced camera I've got a five D Mark three, and on this camera, we can enter into the Select AF area mode. And when you're using the single AF point, we can actually expand the AF area to surround or create zones around that AF point. So if you want to have spot level AF control, but then you want a little more leeway for moving subject, you might use a spot AF with an AF area surround, which will use all the points around that selected AF point to focus. So a lot of as to talk about, but these types of modes give you a little more room for error. But remember that they also come at a cost because you lose a little bit of control over which exact point is being used for focusing.

So it might not be something you want to use when let's say you're shooting a portrait, because while in portraits we generally want to use the most accurate single point AF for focusing. But it might be useful when you're shooting moving objects like in the scene that price shooting right now. So let's get back to that video with continuous servo. The reason I always say to be careful is because your center point is always is going to be the strongest AF on your camera. And this means that if you're using a center bass composition than AI servo typically will work really, really well. When you're using a continuous servo or an AI servo mode.

The problem is that if you're using any of these outside AF points, well, you're likely going to get a lot of Miss focused images. And that's why during, say a wedding processional, even when they're coming straight down the aisle, we still would often use single shot because I'd rather shoot and refocus on every single shot, maybe have one or two that are Miss focused, then let a server handle it and kind of miss a bunch of them. But this is one of those compositions that a server will work totally fine because we're in a bright situation. I'm also going to use a center composition framing, you bet right in the middle, he runs right along the line. So we're gonna be using the center AF point and everything is set up for this to work correctly. So in my settings, the other options that I have enabled is for my continuous modes I have instead of shooting single frame, I'm shooting continuous high speed, okay, this is gonna allow us to capture multiple frames she's running through and this is really the strength of the servo because we can capture a bunch of shots in a row as she's running towards us, and they all should at least be sharp.

Okay, so you better Are you ready, I'm going to go ahead and let me dial in my settings real quick, I'm just going to get a quick test shot we've been using around 800 i 100, shutter speed and around f2 and 100 ISO. So let me just double check to make sure that our histogram looks good. And it does a 100 shutter speed is going to keep her frozen even when she starts getting close. Remember, as the action gets closer to the frame as it gets closer to the camera, you need to be using a higher shutter speed to completely freeze it. So 800 is going to be completely adequate. Okay, that you're ready to run.

All right, let's run through. I'm going to keep her in the center of the frame, and we're going to shoot right when she gets kind of that midpoint. I'm gonna keep firing locker in and we're gonna go until we get an awesome expression. Okay, you bet. Go for it. Now if you notice, my camera is kind of choking very quickly and this is because I'm shooting RAW plus JPEG.

Shooting RAW in and of itself is going to slow down the cameras buffer like we've talked about before. So if you want to shoot fast and raw is not giving enough for you then switch over to JPEG right now I'm shooting RAW plus JPEG. So we're writing as much information well basically as the camera can, and so we're kind of choking up around five, six images, I'm going to go ahead and switch to JPEG right now. And just to kind of show you guys that we can get a few more when we're shooting in JPEG and the burst modes. What I am going to do first though is just make sure that all my settings are perfect. When you're shooting JPEG, it's even more important that you dial in all the exact settings that you need from from the picture control down to the exact settings for your shutter speed aperture nice.

So for your overall exposure and everything, and we're solid right now. So we're gonna go ahead and shoot this on JPEG so you can get a few extra shots out of it. All right, in fact, go ahead and run it again. All right, did you notice that time how we got more shots, we probably got double the amount of shots before the camera had to stop and transfer the images over to the memory card. And it looks like we got several good shots of it better. Okay, hopefully you understand the differences now between single shot versus servo modes, and also basically the strengths of each of them which situations work best for single shot versus which situations work best for servo kind of the overall weaknesses and different situations where each of these modes might have a hard time.

Also remember that we do have that third kind of automated mode where it chooses between single shot or the servo mode for us. But again, that's a mode that I typically would not want the camera to handle for me. I want to take control of that for myself. Okay, so the assignment this time is to basically go and shoot some sports or action. I want you guys to try out the different AF modes that you have available. After you get a shot that you like uploaded to SRO lounge and tell everybody about it.

What was your experience? What AF mo did you use Did you notice any shortcomings, what helped you out and so forth. That's For this video and we'll see you on the next one.

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