Introduction to the Course and the 3 Modules: How You Do this Course

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The course has 3 modules.

I would suggest you go through each one in order when you start the course.

It won't take long, it isn't all the theory and its strategies to use and try out.

Modules 1 and 2 give you the secrets to:

  • How to determine how much sleep you actually need.
  • Eating and drinking the right foods before bed.
  • How to prepare yourself and your bedroom for bed.
  • What to do if you wake up at night.

There is a pdf file for you to download to use as a checklist to ensure you don't forget anything so that you are ready for bed when you go.

Module 3 gives you a number of techniques to get you to sleep.

Go through the module to learn how to use the techniques.

Everything is there for you to download. So then you can try them out.

See what works best for you or rotate them on a weekly basis.

After you have tried everything then you can go through the course again in any order you prefer.

This is for you and you should decide what secrets of sleep you need to get you to get to sleep.

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