Data Persistence Using SQLite

4 minutes
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Hello, in this video, I am going to discuss, you know, persistent data with SQL Lite. So what I've already done, I've got this code, perform the flutter documentation, and just as a table chord, the dogs in there basically in a more often dot application than a flutter application, what I want you to do once you know I've gone through, truly integrate this with a flutter based application. So that way, you can learn now the dots, you can learn some stuff and integrate together, you know, display something. So it's mostly it's all done it's, you know, displayed in here. reason I mean, I'm doing this for approach for you know, some of the videos in you know, brought into the end of the series. And we should, we're at the point where you should be able to, you know, get to grips with the code and adapt it yourself if at any stage of questions.

Now, just, you know, reach out and pop me a message. Okay so in the main we have essentially set the path to the database. So the name.db you could change this but obviously if you change it then you make sure you have to you have to make sure you always refer to that database Okay, then we have a little return so this is going to execute a certain command so this will feel familiar if you come from a web back end background three is creating table and we'll create called dogs. It's got a shoe free different columns on caller ID which he only accepts integers it is the primary key one called name which accepts text is basically anything and one is date and they just integer Okay, so the, you know, a bunch of different different methods that you can utilize for whatever you need.

You can adapt them beyond the for example class, that we insert dog, which you know, once you have The database, then you just do DB dot insert. And that takes you literally just specify the actual piece of information that you literally want to insert. So you specify the table name. And then you specify the actual, you know, data for dog to map. And then you know, if it's any confliction, it will just replace it in this case. And what else do we have?

So this is just generate the list which is printed out here, update dog, which, again, very similar, the table name, the data that you're using. So the actual column name needs to have date and where, what the what is comparing it to delete dog for you, I'm sure to figure out what that does. Okay, so by default, dog is this and that gets inserted as you can see right here, then happens is the age is slightly changed. And then a dog is updated, printed out, as in feed as an update. And if you were to delete it based on this ID, you can see that it there is nothing in the dog's name. So if I was to just put something like that, for example, the one that as you can see, because that didn't actually exist, Detroit is deleted, deleted, therefore we got one.

And you know, you can add in a more than one rose white if you wanted to. So we are going to have three rows now. Actually, that will not work because we see the ID on same. That's what I want you to do as an extra task is modify this so you can have multiple roles. It's just this but we have a different set of data because the ID is unique Again, integrate it into a flutter based visual application. So this is just a class to essentially, you know, store the data.

So once we get it from the database, we can store it into this and we can utilize it however we want. This is a slightly different style of video compared to the usual pace. But if you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I'm here to help you

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