Build and Release For Android

4 minutes
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Hello, in this video, I am going to show you how to build and release your flutter ugly keishon. So the reason you may want to do that is for two reasons. One, you may want to distribute the APK, for example, which is the installation file, so you might want to share it with friends and family. Anyone else that might want to test it, we might have made some friends and family. That's one reason, a noble reason is the more likely reason you'll generate a book what's called an app bundle, which has not the APK part of it. And that's how you can submit to the App Store.

And to do something really simple, assuming you've got your app or done, you're happy with it, you've tested it, what you want to do is go to Android. So everything I mentioned is that burden released for Android got a separate video for iOS, you want to go to the Android folder, and you basically want to open this up in its own separate Android Studio window. and easy way to do if you just open it One of the files and click open for editing in visual Yamini Android Studio, it will open up like this, you'll probably open up that specific file, but you open it up. And once you're in here, this is just the Android saw side of your project. And what you do from here is go to the top, go to build, and obviously on Windows or Linux doesn't matter that the principle is exactly the same.

You're to build, generate signed binaries want to quickly share stuff, you're building the APK file. If you're not, you know, upload it, you want to do generate signed bondo. And again, if it's for uploading you select Android app bundle. If it's for just deploying it to individual devices, you select APK the most likely this one and click Next. And now what you want to do is specify a key store path. And if you don't already have a key store, you can choose one you Don't, you want to create one, so we're going to create one and specify the path, the desktop.

So the desktop, and obviously the name is on title, you need a password on port 123456 in a minimum of six characters in the current version might change in future. You can change the alias of making something a bit more relative. And you need to put all this information in as well. I'm putting random information, make sure you remember this password. And make sure once we know once we click OK, you will soon get these three files, you can never file very soon. And make sure you keep a copy of that for so if you want to do the Google App signing you need to export the encrypted key as well.

So I'm gonna go to the desktop click next. So you can either do debug which is really good for testing Now the main one is release. So this is the destination folder where we will actually produce it. So the my project folder, Android apps a release, click Finish. And it will just take a bit of time to just go through this process. Now it's done, it might take a little bit longer for you, you can click locate, and you're opening it up.

So Android, you go to app, go to release. And this IIB is the application bundle, that's where you would be uploaded. And if you look, we got two files here now that the private key and the actual you know, the, the key store, you want to make a backup of this, I would recommend a local backup a cloud backup know somebody that you trust, email them ago, maybe you have a business partner or a developer, those on the team, make sure you keep backups of this clip, you lose these, you will not be able to update your application demo. So that's something to bear in mind. And then that's So we've got to the stage. From here, you can upload it to the Google Play Store.

There's, you know, plenty of resources out there to show you how to do that. If you have any questions though, feel free to pop me a message. And as usual, I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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