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Hello, in this video, I'm going to show you how to add a picker picker is something that allows you to scroll through a list of items, you can restrict the size of it. And basically by restricting the size of it, it allows you to essentially see cool, you know, have a lot of information is almost like a date time picker, but the picker will implement the Cupertino picker, the last stowed like iOS widget, plus you can put whatever you want in there. And it's really simple. You just put a child and you can actually it's not the case. You can actually add it the same way that you would a date time picker, or a time picker where I've done that in the videos or a button is clicked and that opens that up. You can do that as an extra task or recommend that you have a goal of that.

Okay, so inside of the three main properties that are required item status, basically Sort of like how tall you tighten by 50 is a good default value, but experiment with it. And depending on what sort of decoration style that you've got applied, next is unselected item change, basically, when you change one of the items in index and start from zero, so if you have five items, the nibs 01234, I'm just gonna print that index, you can obviously do something specific, and you could from here, store it somewhere else. Well, and the other default item is here. Now whatever tools you want to test, so let's say one whenever total of five items 12345. So if I said that, let's see what we get. So we got these.

Okay, so we've got this custom default styling based on the rest of the application. So remove that That's a basic text property. So you just style your text all in here, we can tie the color. Save that that will change the text color of only of the first class will have applied to, you could create like a separate, you know, text style variable, and then it's applied to all into that way not duplicating again and again. And if you want to remove that sort of underlining, do that by doing decoration. text decoration, you don't combine these two.

You can change the color in the actual writing as well if you want to, I think these being removed from the last one. I think they would just go through it and print out the list of words for words the last one fourth item, because this is 0123 and four so that's the first one, it goes to zero. And as you can see, even though I didn't let go of the manual affectively the finger on the screen, it still scrolls through all of them. So yeah, honestly they have much more to it than that there are some other basic properties are recommend an extra task that you have a look at these background colors etc. will want you to do is essentially so if we were to go here and change the height of this to 200 for example 200 as smaller and the more hammy items we have, they're only restricted in this, I want you here locally inside of this container, have a child which has a column inside of that you have a bunch of children in there have this will have a container inside of it.

Then have this inside of this container. column, another container, which basically has all of this, then still inside of the column, but just outside the tank that holds this, add a button. And when you click that button, it just essentially prints out what have been selected. And that's really because you can customize it however you want. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message. And as usual, I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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