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Hello, in this video, I am going to show you the container object container class, which is used for essentially combining painting positioning and sizing widgets and we put other no widgets inside of it, we've got this text widget right here, we'll just be dealing with this. But the principle is exactly the same regardless of what type of, you know, item, you know, that you have on your app, you can put it within a column I think is great for certainly for you know, positioning and sizing stuff. So to add a column, it's pretty simple. You just do chart for child, colon. And then I say column. I think I said column didn't I meant contain that.

So I said column at the start of the video. I'm pretty sure I did. I meant container. Everything else applies about it by me. Okay, so we put a comma. We're going to get an error here.

And the error is say Charles Laurie. specified. So we can only have one child here, but we can have multiple children in the child. So we can have a child inside this. So we can, you know, control access, put this here. And then we have a child inside of it.

And if we was to reload it, you know, nothing really changes, it's exactly the same. So why would we want essentially a container. So let me show you something. So we can add some properties to the container. Let me change the width of it, you can change the height. We're only concerned with the width in this video, at least for now, the port Port 10.0 for a comma, if I reload it, as you can see, because it is you know, it just spends 10 pixels now is now restricted.

So each letter except for the L because they're not very wide on their own line and they are in the outbox. They're not very wide. Eva, I did 20 and I reloaded it as you can See, we have hello world, but it is still, you know, not all on one line. But what if I put let's see 260 which is you know, pretty big, so one on one line, but now it's towards the left. What we can do is net position the text item, and we can position it by putting a comma here. And now we can specify a text align, text align, I would change some different ones.

So let's do right. Let's save that, as you can see, right but now what I want to do is add a background color to the container. Otherwise it's hard to see in a very stores very, you know and essentially you know the size of it. We can do that pretty simply by color. Colors this ad was Let's do red, which is my favorite color. So save it.

As you can see, we can see the full restriction now. And we can, you know, change the height property, if I did that to 500 as you can see is 500 now, so that is really it for the container widget, there are more properties that you can change, you can add margin, you can add padding, you can add extra alignment properties, you can add your decoration for the foreground, you can even transform it using no rotation, that sort of stuff. But the principle is exactly the same is basically an extra property. And what I'm going to do because you can never show every you know different feature in you know, in a single video or even in a single series so my aim is to provide you with everything that you will need to create apps and any extra resources to keep going beyond this series.

So what I'm going to do is provide the link where you can access all of the code for the container. Plus, if you have any questions though, feel free to pop me a message. And as usual, I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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