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Hello, in this video, I am going to show you the check box widget. So simply put allows you to select an item author on and off is great if you are creating an application that allows your users to essentially maybe select some settings checkbox is fantastic for that on or off, you know, simply put the OneNote notifications on or off. And Okay, so let's look at another child. And just do check box. Well, I didn't manually ourselves. So by default image to things value.

And this is true for basically the default state state. True means is selected by default false means the selected by default, only false but again, simple stuff. And we need one other thing and this is the on change method. And this is really boolean value In here, what we can do is essentially set the state. And if we were to set the state, we can actually, you know, update it. So we can, we can update you all.

We can use this software. I'm going to print it out from the printer. So far hot reload. Let's see what we get. Okay, so we have this checkbox, no test moment. We'll handle that in a second.

If I click that, so you might think I'm clicking it and nothing's happening. And you're probably just you know, trying to wrap your head thinking. I'm clicking it. So why is essentially the actual the the item not been selected, and that is because we do need to add That set state. So if we look at this value here, instead of blank, we have a variable, we have a variable. So if we say two and I'm going to say check, checkbox value equals false.

So by default, it's false. And then here if I put a check box value, and then in here on chain, if I do so asically is trying to set it to true, but it's not been updated. That's what we need to handle. For this set state. In here, we can say drop down. Drop down, sorry, checkbox value equals value.

We hot reload. As you can see, we can change it enough. I removed the print, so he was unable to see what was happening. So if I put it back in hot reload, and if I select it before I select it, it's now true. So the state that it gets changed. You may also be thinking, I made a change when I click hot reload in one set to the default default, that's because the hot reload, but when the user opens up the application from scratch, you'll be you know, your default value.

So just bear that in mind with hot reload with a lot of widgets. It's no doesn't really change the state that much. If you haven't modified the code. You know that much. You know yourself. And really, that is it for the checkbox.

But this is explain what this checkbox is for that what we need to essentially do is add a Notice something extra to it. But if you look, there's no really property for modifying the text in a wipey last trip that is color and when you tooth around without an extra task, but what we need to do that is actually add a text widget. But we can add one directly. So we need to do a child. So for example, if you did a row and then in here, we would have the checkbox, this checkbox that we've created. You put that here.

If you're not there, in here, first we need to put you know that children array in here, this is where we put it. We can get rid of this now. And what we can say directly afterwards could be before but that means a text We could have notification notifications. If I reload. As you can see, we now have in the form of a rope. And you know, we were a bit more context to it, I didn't this, this was the code, this text item doesn't actually change the functionality, the set state here.

And because this value gain updated, that this on change will allow us to trigger something. Or if we have a button that lets say, save the settings, we can use this variable to actually, you know, update some sort of record or some sort of setting, for example, this text, all it does is it provides some contextual information to the user that this checkbox is related to notification if I see that I I just think as I think a lot of other users do at the moment notifications are wrong for this application. Now notifications are off, obviously to say button. I would know that I'll need to click the Save button to essentially commit these changes. But that's really and that's all there is to checkboxes simple stuff. If you have any questions, feel free to pop me a message and unusual.

I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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