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Hello in this video I am going to show you how to implement a tab bar and a tab bar view to have basically a tab style navigation system. So what we're going to do is basically pretty much delete everything from our no my home page state. And what we're going to do is get rid of this written but we want to get rid of this and this will be made clear very soon. So we want to create something else Cheerio ah app. Inside of here, we are going to be buying hold on yet now. When I say Home Depot Info tab controller deal with the So the left is going to be free, you can change this accordingly.

Depending on how many items you have, the child is going to be a scaffold. So don't worry, you can still implement all of that good scaffold features, if you want to, but it's just like the format of the code is slightly different when you're dealing with a, you know, a tab bar system. So in in here, you can have, you know, apple, you know, all your usual stuff. So that's really no difference in some way you can have in the scaffolds, just a little bit of extra code that encapsulates the scaffold inside of it. And what we used to do is put water bar, and then in here, tabs. In here, we put the tap, tap icon.

I'm gonna put icon icons dots and then you can do I can do one that's just you yes DD three these three will be fine on the put three of them directions subway okay so let's save that and let's see what we get so far not the moment again Eric we have not finished it off so let's you know so wrapping everything up so absolutely kind of the bottom area we are going to add a title and this is gonna be taxed and if you want to you can use we can use no tight on that you know the way we did before but for now I'm just gonna say wow don't need a sim Colin there Now we can add the body. You can also add bottom navigation bars, you can do all of that stuff, if you want to. Again, it's literally the same.

So body bar, you, so it is going to be a tub of you. And inside of here, we need to have children whoever records and then we save it. So this is what we get so far. We click on it, we go to the different ones. And we can click on all of these different ones, but let's actually add some content here. So if we say icon, and I say icon dot direction, let's just literally add what we've had here, railway semi, I mean comma and the next subway Next one.

Boy, if we say that, let's see what we get looking at it, we should get a little more number. We'll go so really the icon should appear here. Let me try and just reopen it. From Scratch to update to the latest new version of little is apparently available. I will do that afterwards to trying to build it off, wait for this as Be patient. Okay, there we go.

So it's just a matter of holding it down. So as you can see, each tab now has some content the content is right here. So if we also look at this, we also so these are children. And what we could do is we can add, you know, a whole heap of different, you know, stuff here, like what we add a, you know, totally up to us. So what I'm going to do an extra tap, experiment and try and add something a bit more complex than just icons to each tab. And that's really it.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message and I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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