Divider and divideTiles

4 minutes
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Hello, in this video I am going to show you how to implement a divider. As the name suggests, it basically allows you to divide items and just put a horizontal line to break really minimalistic implementation that just helps, you know, improve the interface of your application. So I've got this ListView with a bunch of lists, all that equates in a separate video. I was to zoom in so you can see the gap between any two of the list title, I think, see, yes, there's a gap but the nothing else but whitespace from separating it before a nine day we can you do use the dividers between each one if we put a divider can remember the widgets and dividers widget, you put divider don't really necessarily need any parameters. As you see, there is no gap, no gap there but he had the big gap and this line and you could do for all the others as well in here.

There are a few Some properties, they put indentation, if we call this 100 for that. So this to set high for a long start from the left if you want that on a big fan a lot one, but the two though I want to show you another one too is color and height. So colorful colors, the red, the red line there, and that is my favorite color. And you can also change the height, this probably will not change what you think is going to change. If I put 500. So as big, as you can see, the line is still the same thickness.

Why it actually changes is the gap between each point not the line thickness. That's something to bear in mind. Like what if you want a smaller, smaller fitness, you can achieve that. For zero we can you know get a slightly tighter To them the default but as you can imagine if you got only this title and you know try and do this this can be a bit tedious even if you're using an algorithm you know for list you can do it you know the stuff you know and divided into other stuff as well you know like a draw for example, which you know is open from the side and you know, variety it anywhere really. But luckily for us the list of you can have something else. So what I want to do is actually get rid of all of this funnel.

Actually, no, no, I'm gonna need all of this in a second. I'm gonna need it. I'm gonna get rid of this release to get relief free. But yeah, how many did I create? A lot clearly. Okay, so I'm going to leave the one because I will need that very soon only ever to this children as well.

Now the commented before the need to still need part of it, and what we're gonna do it put children instead of, you know print widgets here, you're gonna put list file dot d void. Now, so let's talk about this lists are devoid titles. And in here we can put the context context and then we put titles and here is an array of tiles.to list so convert it to a list which is what the children property need. And in here we can put all of our list types. So if I copy that and paste it here, or you know, do it multiple times. As you can see, I've got no divider I haven't heard divided here but as you can see They all have a divider in between them.

And that's a great way of implementing a divider between all lists tall without manually putting extra dividers. And that way you can keep them consistent. And you can change the color property right. Yeah. So that's it for the divider, and also a little extra thing that deployed title feature. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message.

And as usual, I really look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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