Send Parameters To iOS Swift Cod

5 minutes
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Hello, in this video I am going to show you how to send parameters, so send data to the swift code that we have already implemented. So that way you can, you know, send data and do something accordingly. You can maybe be doing some sort of database call or you know, HTTP requests on your swift file in your swift file. And you might need to pass some data in, for example a username or a password. Okay, so if you haven't watched the previous video where it covered, calling, you know a simple method in Swift, I recommend that you watch that one because this is going to be leading on from that video. And this is what we have from the previous video.

Click that your hi from Swift, which is implemented in Swift right here. So to actually pass in parameters on the dot slides is very little modification we have to do you set up a map And this is dynamic. And in here, we need to have key value pairs. So this is the key this thought this is the value that stopped put dynamic. So you could you know, pass in a number, you could pass in a string path wherever you want. So for the key uncle Val one beginning for the one, then colon, and then the value on put this just the string the number Y and well you could put whatever you want, you know, literally whatever.

And the last thing we need to do is send map and that's it. That's the dark side. Now, we need to actually check for this value and handle the accordingly in Swift. So switching over to the Xcode project, what we want to basically do in here is within our check for The methods. So once we've got to this part, we need to thank god next. So I'm going to create this variable called arguments or equal to method or arguments.

Else want to compare a return here. So this is basically going to get the arguments from the method court. If there are no arguments, it will go into this little, you know, code branch. And for now, this is going to return as you could handle it in some other way. So that's what that's doing. Now, it's a net more of equals to augs.

As we're going to data with input string called on na, now I'm going to say net Val one equal to mine. org Question mark. And the argument that we are checking for is bow one. So this right here, this part needs to match what we put here, because that's the key. That's the actual name of deployment. And this is going to be great.

I'm going to go on it. Now we can just say if Val one is equal to the string one. Then what we're going to say Yay. With our was gonna say, though, and that's it. We're literally ready to run this. So if I save that file, go back.

Remember, I mentioned in the previous video, if you make any changes to your native code, you need to shut you up potentially And we really read the GUI debugging, because it will rebuild. I mean, it will build your iOS project or your Android if you're doing that side of things with the new modifications. doesn't take very long to be fair, so we won't have two, and it's done. Okay, so now if I click that, we get yay from Swift, if I was to change this to the value two, because we have not handled that, you could do multiple elsif to handle it. And if you have multiple parameters, you could just have another one of these, maybe Val two equals, you know, the check the file to whatever the parameter name is, but because the modification that I'm doing is only on the dark side, I can just do a hot reload.

And if I click it, we get now we get an error because we have not handled for the value two on the parameter value one and that's it. That's literally how you Passing parameters into your swift native code. If you have any questions, feel free to pop me a message. And as usual, I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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