Setup On Mac Android

11 minutes
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Hello, in this video, I'm going to show you how to set up flutter. So you can create flutter projects and developing them on a Mac, for Android, if you're interested in for iOS on Mac, or you know, online apps or on Windows, I've got videos covering all that results, so feel free to check them out. Okay, so the first thing you want to do is open up your web browser to whatever web browser you want. And I will provide links to everything that you need. So you can check out that as well sort of typing. So you want to do that.

Go To get started, go to Mac, and from Yeah, click this. So download the zip file, I'm going to cancel it. I don't need to cancel it. I'm just canceling it because I've already got it downloaded now. The next thing we want to download is Android Studio. Just go on the website like this Download.

Again, I'm canceling it because I've already got it downloaded. And that's it for the web browser. Now, if I go into my download folder, what you want to do is unzip the slaughter zip file and you can do that just by double clicking it shouldn't take very long at all. And this will be the flutter framework that will be used to create flutter projects. Once this is done, I wanted to show you the next step. Next step is to copy this folder.

And I recommend printing in a folder called development within your application folder and this is where it will permanently reside cuz you need to refer to your your computer will refer to it so I'll recommend taking the out of the Downloads folder just for your better organization and paste it here. I'm not going to do that because I've already done it but you know, paste it And you'll have this inside the bin folder, there's a flutter file that you can launch to essentially, check the status of flutter. The problem is, if we want to just use this file, we have to always navigate to this directory. So what we're going to do is essentially integrate flutter into our system. So we can do it regardless of where our terminal is pointed to. So we have to constantly change directory.

So to do that, what we need to do is open up terminal and see the tilde for slash. This will take us to our home folder by default this should be the home folder, or recommend doing this just to make sure now you want to type in dot bash, underscore profile. And what this will do is essentially check if a file called dot bash profile exists in your home directory if not created for it. Does anyone do anything? So you do that now we want to edit this file. So you can open that a dot bash, underscore profile.

This will open it in TextEdit. The only thing we're interested in is this line, right? Yeah. So what I'm going to do just bear with me. I'm going to delete that. I want to put this here.

So let me pray enter here. So export space, uppercase path for p a, t, H equals double quotation mark dollar, again, path again, but uppercase colon, quotation mark. Before the closing quotation mark, we need to put the path for the bin folder. We can do that really easily by just dragging this on like so. And that is it. So that's essentially what you need to save that.

And now in your console, what you want to do is for doc bash The school protocol is basically committed. So if we were to openly again, the advocacy, the code is updated remember it, there wasn't a line gap before. So that's proven that is being updated. Now, if we were to run, flutter as many commands for the one we're interested in this video is Doctor which essentially just analyzes the installation of flutter. And you know, tell me if there's something wrong with it. So your would look slightly different to mine was do you know, it gives you the result just because we haven't completed the setup process for you get?

Okay. So here we go. flutter will be ticked for you, this will most likely be crossed. Depending on whether or not you've watched the iOS video and set that up. This will may be crossed as well, but we're not interested in that. And the Android Studio part will most likely come across as well unless you've got Android Studio installed.

You know, prior to this video for another project that's possible as well, we're not interested in the IntelliJ that is optional. And the connected device, if you were to physically plug in an Android device, you'll be there. Or if you open up the emulator, you'll be there. We're gonna use the emulator. Fine. I forgot to set this license.

So, if you get this right here, you know, the license part. Essentially, after you've done the separate which are shown in the moment, I recommend setting these licenses. This doesn't take long at all. Okay, why why why? Why? Why?

Okay, so now, that all don't we go back up. So we need to install, you know, Android now. So to install Android, presumably is simple. If you double click your Android Studio dot dmg, you get this nice, you drag this onto the application folder, I'm not going to do it because I've already installed it. It will ask me to overwrite, I'm not going to do that, but you strike it on your copied over, it's about a gig will take about a minute or two. Once that's done, you want to actually launch up Android Studio.

Open close this down now. So you want to launch up Android Studio, yours will look slightly different to mine because it's the first time that you will be launching your UI essentially be a setup wizard. Before you get to this part, go through the setup wizard, I recommend don't do a standard installation to a custom installation. And the only reason for that is allow you to select the AV D when you're selecting what you want to install. That's the Android virtual device, essentially the emulator and if anything else to tick as well just tick them. So just click Install.

It will take no for me took about 1015 minutes. So just be patient, it's downloading files and installing them. Once that's done, and you launch it off your wall quite look like this, you won't have a new flutter project. So what you need to do is go to configure preferences and let plugins, browse repositories, search for not and go flutter, you'll have a green Install button. Again for me, I've already installed it, we just click the green Install button. It will ask you to confirm the installation.

You're asking me to confirm whether or not you want to install dot confirm that once that's installed, just click close apply. Okay, then a window for you will pop up saying Do you want to restart and restore do you need to do that click that you'll restart it and this option will be available and then select this option. Select flutter application. I want to leave you with the default project name. The flutter SDK path should be detected If not, click the free dots and navigate to it. The project location I'm going to keep it as a desktop as well like to have it but you can choose wherever you want.

Click Next, you know what you're doing here regarding the package name the support for the languages Feel free to change this and the company name but for now we can leave it as default. Click Finish, we'll take a moment to create your flutter project and as you can see the folder has appeared here, so the process has already started. Okay, so now if we were to close this tip down, now what you want to do is go to here, which is the Add manager And you can click a new virtual device, you're probably under five decks by default, but I'll show you how to create a new one. select what type of device whether it's a phone, TV, a tablet a watch, you want to emulate, honestly, the pixel two and then click Next. And from here, go to x86 images, select the one that doesn't have the download button.

That's the one that's installed by default, you can choose the number one for testing purposes. If you really need to click Next, you can change the settings. The only setting I want you to change is this on graphics, change that to hardware just makes it faster. Click Finish. And now just click the play button. Push and we're basically on the home screen of a virtual Android device.

We can run our application our default application. Obviously in subsequent videos, I'm going to show you the different features and features Opponents of low tech and integrate them into our application because obviously, that's what you really want as well. So phone is starting. And now we're here. So we basically have a virtual Android device click play. This stage will take longer for you than it takes for me because it will be the first time you're doing it.

The initializing Gradle you can ignore this initializing grade or the next couple of tasks as well. won't take that long for me to resolve in dependencies. And the next one I think is the the Gradle task will take a few minutes for you most likely because it's the first time again it's the first time you're doing most of these steps. takes a bit of time because the initial setup and prerequisites that are going on behind the scenes, but don't worry, it will be as packed as mine pretty much maybe faster depending on your computer once you have actually good once and out installing the APK onto our To device, if you want you to choose the phone, you could choose the phone assuming it was connected. And now if no job is off the device, application weakness, click, and you show that you haven't done. So that's it.

And obviously we can slow down the application. So simple stuff. So that's it. We're all set up for developing flutter blame flutter basic applications on Mac, for Android. If you have any questions, feel free to pop me a message. And as usual, I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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