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Hello, in this flutter video, I am going to show you the text widget. So we got some here, this is the default code. So what we are going to do is inside of the underscore my homepage state class, we are going to remove this child, which is essentially all this, we're gonna remove that. And we're gonna start adding stuff manually. So a little cool trick to see where this bracket closes. If you click on it, or just before it, he will show you the corresponding one.

Luckily, there's comments to help us but if there wasn't, this really does age and a lot of editors will provide the functionality. That was to say that hot reload, adding to that disappears. So to add a text widget is pretty simple. You do text colon, child. Sorry, you quit child for cola Text come wrapped in. And inside of here, we can put our text.

So if I say, Hello world, and I say that Aleksey appears right there regarding positioning we'll get on today in separate videos. And what we can also do to change the font style. So for a comma, we style code on dial and this takes a parameter, and we could set different stuff. I'm just going to set the font What should I change? I'm going to change the phone 1111 Which one should I change? Now it is totally up to move on.

I want to change. Change the font style. Don't change the font style, and you just do font style. dot do we Tally. So if I save that, as you can see it's slightly changed. Let me change something else instead, let me make it more and more the property that you know, forget about font style.

Let me show you a different one. We can do instead of font style, font weight, font weight, so the font size and as an extra tab only to go for the different properties and the font family which will change the actual, you know, you know, the actual manticore the actual font itself, I'm gonna provide a link so you can experiment with that one, I want to just quickly show you the font weight for the font weight, font, weight dot bold. As you can see, it is bold. So that's basically how you add any sort of widget is child then the name of widget and then any, you know properties this require this one property, which is essentially the string itself that is going to display. in separate video, I'm going to call it position here, I'm going to cover gesture on all of that stuff. But the whole purpose of not just this video, but a lot of the videos in this series is to essentially show you the little snippets that it requires to do you know, to do the text object, and then gestures, you know, like, you know, tapping a text, piece of text or tapping a button, the code is basically the same.

So instead of showing you dine, every video, I'll show you in one video or you know, a few videos, covering gestures. And you can apply that to all your widgets. So if you have questions about some extra functionality, don't worry, it's a bit more generic and therefore it's coming in a separate video. If you have any questions, though, feel free to pop me a message. And as usual, I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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