Change App Display Name

4 minutes
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Hello, in this video, I am going to show you how to change the display name of your application for Android and for iOS for your flutter application. Okay, so we have our app, it's a flutter app, by default, whatever it is not, you might say something else perhaps. And maybe you want to change it for the final release. And this could be because you decided to change the name you didn't have an you know a name. When you first started it, or you know, anything like that. Maybe you made a mistake, forgot to create a new project, a new one after you migrate your project, cover whatever the reason is really simple.

You have to do separately for Android and iOS. For Android, you go to the Android folder. And we can do this all within this particular Android Studio for the Android side of it. You go to App source, main Android manifest dot exe now, go to Android code on labor waste, a low tone squat chain Pick up. One thing to bear in mind is that any changes that are made on the native side, for Android or iOS, you need to make sure the application is shut down, and then relaunch it because it will not rebuild the the native side if you try and do a hot reload or a hot restart, so the application was already shut down. This is going to build it resolves, resolving the dependencies, we'll get on to installing it very soon.

And then you'll see the diff name or change from flutter up to Epic app. Install and install it installing there. And any moment now. Okay, so it's launched it. I'll actually close it down. There we go.

It says that pick up and anywhere else. That refers to the name of the app, you'll say the new name, which is epic app. Now let's handle iOS to do iOS. What you want to do is Open up your iOS side of it in Xcode, you can do that by going to the iOS folder, literally double click any of the files in there and say open iOS module in Xcode. And this will launch up Xcode. There we go.

It's notion of Xcode. From here, you want to go to your project runner, and make sure you've got you know, the actual target selected, go to display name, and literally specify the name here. So if we specify our washer we specify. Yeah, this is the epic Apple yet epic app. And if I run it from here, so obviously you could run it from here as well. No, like So but I'm just going to run it from here okay, that did not update that didn't update then me I think because the application was already open so it says that pick up that's fine.

Let's literally go back shut it down run it in iPhone simulator or it could be a device it doesn't really matter to be fair there we go as you can see says epic up. So just got some error let's just redo it. I get this sometimes for some reason, if I you know, don't properly shut the application down and I deleted I get this issue But if I try and run it again, I'm positive that it will work fine. Launch me up on my iPhone simulator in debug mode. Any moment now it will shut up. There we go.

And if we actually go back to the desktop, you can see in the multitasking says pick up your site in the settings and he says it right here. So that is how you change the display name. Basically the name of your application that is displayed anywhere on your phone for your flutter project. simple stuff. If you have any questions though, feel free to pop me a message. And as usual, I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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