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Hello, in this video, we are going to take a look at implementing a data table. So a date table is a great way of, you know, presenting information is essentially a table that displays data from a regulatory table. It's for the craziest columns or rows, you could use it to provide maybe if you're, you know, creating a new movie app, you know, movie time movie release date, no information about that movie, and another built in thought or you know, sort of built in so we have to, you know, implement that ourselves, but honestly, it's not too hard to do. So the first thing we are going to create an add on this is we want to create a I'm going to call this name and this is just going to have some basic string, input f name, which is first name, Uncle spring, gets a surname and then We're just going to implement a constructor.

The constructor is really simple. It is just going to be that this dot first name, last name. So when you pass in a variable, it will go to the first night and be assigned to the first name, f name variable and the well, you don't really need much more than this. After that, we are going to be essentially no, at least. So it was going to say equals name. and here we can just put a comma and then we are on engineer name Okay, there we go.

And my name I'm going to total up for you Captain Marvel Okay, so if we save that the mole we don't get anything we've just created a list and a class. So inside of here, we don't want a container you could income technically implemented the implementing of the child. We're just going to override the entire body and make the body the data table. It's not as hard as it stands for who's going to put data table what is required is column and it is rows. Okay, so for the columns, what you need to do is put is going to be a list of data columns. And in here we put a data column and in here we will have, what we're going to have is the label.

Text widget and this is just going to say first name for example. And we are also going to have a you can do numeric the various numerical not false or true that thing can have a tool to go The only other property that you can do, we do unsought on thought. We are going to say I am B And we are literally going to say set state. So the actual data widget gets updated with a name, which is what we created up here. Names dot sought doctors in the flipped. So we're gonna say a big no misses on defining a So A is on the phone where we're at to deploy in it Give me a moment when you finish implementing a dot F men compared to being dot first and so the next one you just needed to be fully implemented using the arrow operator and compare it to the next one.

And what we're going to do is add another column, you can guess what this column is for. It is here, the indentation, so to know stuff, but who cares and this is going to be for Sony. So four, s nine, f nine, and four. Okay, so that's the data column does that mean that we two column two or more columns is put more data column and then make sure that your you know your list here and your class support no more than So it's just two values per row because there are two columns, but it's easy to expand on it, I have an extra test or recommend that you do that. Okay, so for the rows, this is going to be a bit more dynamic. So we're going to men's map and India saying get like the each one name with a data row.

So from getting each one, so basically saying, you know, go for each one, and we're going to create a data row for it. He had to go semi colon and inside of here on his cells, so each day to roll has to have so and because we have to call We will need to sell you're going to put square brackets and inside of here you have a DSL. And inside of here we will need tech for this on this main dot F name there are some other property that we will show anytime campus we want to know this display that we just exit from shanty and on top, you know, you can perform some sort of placeholder. I'm gonna leave that at an extra tab for you. But I'm just interested in the data for now we're gonna add one more data so if you can guess what this is for this is turning f9 pilot No, it doesn't come in the There we go, we have everything from our array.

So that is implemented boy, boy, boy, here, here, and no matter what we add to our table, he will automatically get filled here. So let's test the sorting advocacy, it's sorted, we can sorted based on the first or the name. So that is fantastic. And again, you can add more. That's really for the data table. It seemed like quite a lot more as the setup because afterwards, let's say forward to just delete these two.

Didn't have day. I'm assuming I just need to do a hot restart. Sometimes you will get to that point. funnels if you ever come across data where your code looks okay, you're not getting any errors recommend a tsunami start. Probably all it is. And there we go.

So that's it. If you have any questions, feel free to pop me a message and enjoy. I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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