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Hello in this video I am going to show you how to implement a card in flutter. So a clock a clock a card is a great way of essentially just providing some information and you're so good at grouping together you might have multiple cording screens very common. So this could be great for something like you know showing you know, some album information you could have an icon some information about it like title, you know, who was some that album, you could have buttons for maybe listening to it, you could have you know, number one, the one repeatable sort of format that become familiar with use of any use loss, it can be used for, you know, showing some sort of meal. You could use it for contact information, contact information, definitely a big one. And yeah, let's just dive right in and your understanding one of them off so he does it have the child as he normally would If I just say, child, oh, yeah, and in here we can add a child song, I'm gonna make a really simple but before I do, like an album example, and say, Hello, and let's see what we get.

So that's what we get the zoom in, you can see that you can sort of see on the edges, but frankly, that does not look very good at all. So let's actually, you know, make it a little better. So we're gonna get rid of this wall. Now, I'm gonna add a column that will allow us to add multiple widgets to it, which will provide a lot of flexibility. We want to change the main axis to stories and main axis and you'll see what all this does is gonna help us put more of these on screen if we want to They won't go. In here, we are going to first have a leading.

Sorry, we're going to have a title. Lift, oil. And then inside of here we have a lead in which is going to put icons, icons dots to album. This is just the built in icon and we're going to check for the title on the ninth album, that movie is coming out very soon. We are going to put now a serb and this subtitle, look for a little bit of trivia. And that is to recommend that you search it up should the DC fetishism had the named Captain Marvel No need before Captain Marvel was introduced in the Marvel Universe.

In the comics, it was named Captain Marvel. Shazam was before Marvel was even named. Carmen was the name of before but they weren't called Marvel. Regional. Okay, so I'm actually looking forward to come to a mission up to actually so to see how many people say, Oh, that's just if they say Captain Marvel in there. How many people say oh, that's a copy of Captain Marvel, okay.

Just now, which would be a month ago wouldn't show them that. I am sure plenty people say I'm sure my dad will say. Okay, so next we're going to add a mobile device. Something that I wanted to put in the list higher content. Now I'm going to put a button up a tom button bar, this will basically allow us to put a bar where we can put some cool buttons in here. And what we are going to have is again, you can customize this as you want, you can add more text, you can have images in here, I'm just showing you one example of a child looking bar.

So this will be a nice way to put multiple button next to each other, but turn ball and inside here, you're gonna have a widget of children, or they're gonna have to flat button again, the type of button you put is totally up to you. And for the flat button. Inside of here, we're gonna have a child text and this is going to see the watch movie. We can have an on press event as well. But I'm in college a separate video so I was going to last thing. Last thing is going to implement one more flat button.

Work with that movie trailer. The first type that I think see that looks a lot different to what we had before. And I've been so pretty darn cool. So we've got this icon, we got this list tile image zoom in. So you can see that there is a difference between the background and this Thomas, you could change the background of the body so you could see you know, a little better. And that's really all there is to it.

Obviously, we have no list title, we have no column inside of it. But what I want you to do is figuring out how to essentially add multiple of these the content in the middle But configure how to add multiple, you know, multiple cards in this sort of current layer that we've got right here. That's really it. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message and as usual, I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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