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Hello, in this video, I'm going to show you how to you know, open up an alert dialog. An alert dialog basically informs a user based situation that require, you know, acknowledgement, especially some immediate attention. And to implement it really important I implemented simple dialogue, or this will feel natural, but we're going to go over all of it and they need to create the future and the void and we are going to say, we're just going to say, open alert. Again, you probably want to name this a bit more contextually, but we are going into discord is asynchronous, so we need the async command, and then have curly braces. don't return a show dialog. So dollar long, semi colon, and here.

We're gonna have content, fun text. Then we're gonna have Sorry, I misspoke. Let's select make this d a false true false. This means the user must tap the button. And we're gonna say builder. And this is where we essentially build what it's gonna look like builder context.

On tags, curly braces, and in here we are going to return an alert dialog. We need a title. And the title is going to be tech. What can we say the title? We're going to say? Do you want to quit to watch this?

Now one of the nerves that I got on my iPhone wasn't the only guy once and he was when he got to fun. It wasn't even that like the day was in Hollywood and even using the other is just out of the ordinary. And he just put, you know, now, we essentially put your content and for this, you can essentially, you know, for loss of equal like text wherever you want, I'm gonna put a single child scroll view so we can add quite a bit of information. Here I'm gonna add a child of list body, but again, you can customize it to where you want to. And now in here, we can have children and it's gonna be an array of widgets. Again, customize it however you want.

You can have icons images, fine, keep it simple with this. Your Okay, so now we're all done with this. Call. And what we need to do is comment here, they call me here that go there for me is semi colon, go out to the single child view, we're going to have some actions. So we're gonna say, actions, this is going to be a widget. And I'm just going to add a flat button.

Again, you can customize and add whatever you want. But the flat button will look good with this, ultimately, is all about making the application look nice, but also functional. And I'm gonna say unpressed and this could call us up from my friend, but I'm just gonna do it in line, navigate to drop off context of pop so this will just close the door. Now, we're ready to essentially run it so we can't run it yet, or we can so if we were to hot reload it before we get nothing, because we need to trigger it. So here, we're gonna add a soil of oil component, we could have any sort of child that has some sort of event that can trigger lock in on presto on change, and that could call it but I'm just going to have an icon build up the icon, icon, icon, so feel free to check out the icon button the icon video for more information, and I'm gonna say I don't get to say on press or one system crest.

I'm gonna say open alert. semi colon, say that the icon pops up there, click it and we get this formula. Your phone is too hot. Put it in water. Continue. So we can't click off there could be no intimacy, dismissal off.

So that means we have to select this essentially working knowledge, you know, and all it says then continue, you'll say, I wonder something like that where you are essentially acknowledging what this is saying. But that's a that's really audio alert dialog, does it provide useful information to humans is really important just overrides everything else. And you know, it forces the user to look at especially if you put is, you know, if you put the dismissible as false, essentially saying, I understand this could be 10. The conditions for example, for an application may be the first time you've installed an application, and you're popping up a little alert dialog saying these are the terms or conditions and this could be a scroll view. You could have loads of information you have to scroll that's up to them, you could say I understand. And you have another button.

You could this is an array with an extra touch of a button and print that same close up efficient all look For the code to close the application, so that way they have to agree to the terms and conditions. And that's really it for the alert dialog. If you have any questions, feel free to pop me a message. And as usual, I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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