Zombie Blocks and Other Blocks of Content - Part 1

4 minutes
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Hello, and welcome back to code isn't as scary as zombies. Right now we're gonna look at zombie blocks and other blocks of content. First of all, we have paragraph tags, talking about those in the last section. And all paragraphs should, surprisingly be being paragraph tags. It's the most basic unit of text, and 90% of the text. It's going to be in paragraph tags, though not not all of it, of course, 10% clearly is not going to be, but these can be within the text, or to have a carriage return or a line between the two, depending upon what you want to do with your site.

Probably more typically, on the web, it tends to be a line have a blank line between paragraphs, but there are some exceptions. Another tag that we talked about is the break tag. Now most of the time, you don't want to hard Wrap Text, you want it to flow within its container, because particularly with responsive design, you're not going to know exactly how wide or tall or whatever your the container for the particular text is. So if you do some hard returns, and it's going to look funky, if somebody looks on a screen that happens to be a different size than yours, which is almost certainly likely, because of the proliferation of devices that have different screen sizes, and desktops, and who knows what size, the width is going to be on a desktop, etc. There will be times However, when you need to format an address, or similar piece of content where you don't want lines between them.

So for instance, if you've done a blank line between paragraphs, if you create another paragraph, it's going to continue to make blank lines between the things. And that doesn't look great, particularly on a an address, or another type of other types of content like that. What you can do then is use a break tag. And rather than skipping a line, you can just go straight to the next line. Now, there are often times when we need to boldly go where no zombie resistance fighter has ever gone before, which in here is the bold tag. So HTML is mostly structural, most aesthetics go with C But you can also designate what should be bolded or strongly emphasized.

So for instance, we have the B tag, which is the bold tag. This is what we had to about HTML for when it when it came together with it with XHTML. And when HTML and XHTML came together, they want to be very strict about how they what tags they use. So they brought in the strong tag, which is basically the bold tag, but labeled strong, in theory gives you a little bit more information than just the letter B does about the content that's in there. But strong takes longer to type. I'm in the shorter typings better camp.

And eventually they basically said that'd be in strong or equivalent, and can you use them that way as you see fit. So both the and strong will make content fold. Similar struggle with with I so I would be the towel tag and one point wanted to do something better. And so the camp VM tag or emphasis, which doesn't really make sense to me, because it's about the same cryptic level as I and can be confused with the CSS size unit. We'll, we'll get to there shortly. But yeah, it just doesn't seem like it really helps.

So eventually, they just made them the same as well, particularly html5. So both will make both I and M. tags will make the content metallic. Alright, so let's look at some code. Okay. So this paragraph, this shows you paragraph tags, tags, tags, bold tags. So we have a p tag here.

Good ends with this closing p tag. Here we have an M tag. You can also do an eye tag. Here's an example. Here's the examples down here. Not because zombies are not cuddly, cuddly.

It's surprising that maybe there's the italics. rigor mortis really affects flexibility. If you're pressing hit that there's a zombie on your head that's bold or strong. This is a bold. And then here we have an example of what not to do. So this is basically both improper nesting and improper ending tags.

So we have mashed up the M tag and the eye tag together, but they don't really well, they do the same thing. They don't necessarily can interact properly. So this slash I does not close this m. So that's why zombie is still italicized. And the slash strong doesn't really close the p tag. But that's harder to see because of, that's where the page ends as well. But yeah, so that's the code there for paragraphs tallix and bowling

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