Biggest Brands In The World Use Scarcity Marketing - Examples

7 minutes
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Now that we know what scarcity marketing is, let's see how the big brands use it to their advantage to motivate visitors to make decisions fast. Let's start with Amazon. Take a look at this page. It's selling memory foam mattress topper. Obviously, that's a good offer you save 21% However, if you want to take advantage of the mattress offer, you must take action within the next 14 hours. Otherwise, the deal will expire and you will have to pay full price.

Now everybody likes a good deal. Why wait? I needed after all. That's not the only way Amazon uses scarcity marketing. Take a look at the next image classic sneakers, the color is higher risk red, I like it and there are only three pairs left. More on the way.

As you can notice in the first example Amazon used a time limit is an urgency tool. In this example, they use a limit quantity. Now let me ask you, is this fake scarcity? No, it's not. When the timer reaches zero, you won't be able to get the mattress with 21% of when the sneakers are gone, you will have to wait for the new ones to arrive. The question is, is it effective?

That simple? Sure it is. Amazon is one of the most powerful companies in the world. They have done instil do enormous amounts of split tests in they understand and apply scarcity and other psychological triggers, of course, to motivate people to take action. Another example Let's see what we have here.

In high demand, all in one room left. Well, also, the sentence is in red, that gives you even an even greater sense of urgency. There is only one like it. Again, urgency, but the last one is interesting. You missed it. How cool is that?

You It somehow gives me the proof that the urgency sentences above are real. If I don't act now, I will just see this alert again you missed it. I don't want to miss out a room in the property I like most another example limited time remaining and selling fast in red Of course. Also take a look at the 30 minute massage is with 44% of right now, but the 60 minute in many minutes are sold out in combination with social proof which is another powerful psychological trigger 127 reviews. This works fantastic. Let's move on another example from the fashion world.

You've heard of the brand Chanel, their most famous perfume, Chanel number five. Let me tell you, they love doing scarcity marketing campaigns. They have limited edition bags fragrances nail varnish and saw in addition Chanel does it the right way. After the run out of supplies or the season ends, these limited edition items are removed from the lines. That's how you increase sales without losing credibility. As for digital product scarcity marketing has become a standard.

In short, here is how it works. We create a digital product and we launch it. before the launch we create a lot of buzz through our channels of communication, emails, social media ads, retargeting, etc. Then we'll launch the product for a few days only. Usually that's between three and seven, of course, sometimes 10 days after this period. We have a few options.

We close registration, the price goes up, bonuses go away, or maybe a combination of the last two. The person who has popularized product launches is Jeff Walker. Also he and his students have generated over $400 billion in sales. Jeff is selling a digital product that teaches people how to learn launch their products in businesses and the core of the launch. The main reason why it works is scarcity. Keep in mind this is not the only reason, but it is the main reason.

Of course, you need to have a high quality product that delivers value. You need to show your offer to interested and qualified prospects. You need to be able to write, copy, good copy. If you choose not to outsource, you need to have a good looking design and soul. The fact remains if people don't get on board during the launch that open card period, they will miss out in the hate that the price goes up bonuses go away and the scariest of all, registration closes for an unknown amount of time. Remember the fear of loss concept.

I'd love to share some personal examples of scarcity marketing, and I'll try to do it without self promotion. This is not the point here. I own a Facebook advertising agency See, and my primary method of getting clients is through cold outreach, primarily cold emails in LinkedIn messages. I would like to show you the email template I sent to potential customers. Hello, first name. My name is Vadim Morocco, CEO of rack of digital, a Facebook lead generation agency helping real estate professionals.

And I'm not gonna read the whole email now, I'll dedicate a whole lecture on it, because I think it will be useful to you, but basically, I tell them what I do, I show some results. Tell them the offer. And finally, I include the scarcity element, let me know as soon as possible by replying because I've asked several realtors, but I could take only three new trial clients this month. Here are the results. These are all scheduled appointments from the email I sent from the email I showed you. Yes, the copy is good.

I showed the right offer in front of the right people, but the fact remains the scale element is what motivates people what motivates them to click the link and schedule a call with me. As you can guess this is not just a strategy session, is it simply a sales call? I also didn't lie in the message that I could take on three new clients. No, I didn't. That's my capacity. My agency is rather new.

I don't have 10 people working for me. I do the advertising campaigns myself. I don't want to have 10 or 15 trial plans per month. I don't want to become insane. I also have many people asking, Are there any spots left? Is this offer still valid and so on that, that shows me that people read the whole copy and urgency kicks in.

Another example is this I co owned a company that sells pallet burners internationally did a similar campaign, but this time I used old school mail. I wanted to send a test burner palletize burner but I could send only 10 as you can see in the background, the whole letter is in German, I translated only the urgency part for you. I also sell hundreds of digital products per month and I never miss a chance to include scarcity when I'm running promotions. As I've said in the previous video, it's a mindset marketing thinking, which I'm going to be very happy to help you develop and equally important, I will show you step by step how to create scarcity marketing campaigns that bring results. Thank you for watching and stay purposeful

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