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Scarcity Marketing: Increase Your Sales Without More Traffic Best Places To Implement Scarcity Marketing
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Scarcity on your sales page. Regardless of whether you sell a digital product or a physical product, including scarcity on your sales page, among other psychological triggers such as social proof, clear communication, and an irresistible offer is a critically important factor for increasing your sales. Let's take a look at two examples one for digital product and one for a physical product. By the way, over 90% of my marketing experience is related to selling digital products. But lately I've been running Facebook campaigns for some ecommerce websites as well, where we sell watches, bracelets, dresses, etc. a rule of thumb here generally you want to add a scarcity element, countdown timer, product counter, etc.

Next to the call to action button This one is important. Another thing is I want visitors to see the scarcity element this Second D load the page load the sales page. This is particularly important if you have a long copy sales page. For that reason I use a countdown timer in the top ribbon exactly as you see on the screen. That's By the way, a relatively short sales page. I also give people the option to close the ribbon.

Secondly, you can see my first call to action button Add To Cart for one payment of 997. Today, I didn't put a timer below or above it, because it would be in my opinion way too much. After all, if they are looking at the sales page on the full HD monitor, the button is above the fold line meaning users don't have to scroll in order to see it in combination with the top ribbon. I'm sure that's enough. When I scroll down, however, I'm explaining the package I've created. As you can see, I've put a price tag for each item to help my prospects understand the value they're getting.

And at the end of the page, I have my final call to action, total value of $8,485 Get started today for just 997 inches below the button, there is another countdown timer. This one they cannot close or hide. When selling a physical product, the same principles apply here, the scarcity element should be instantly visible and next to a call to action button. Let's take a look at this page. Here we are running a sale for a dream catcher watch the timer says when the sale is over, and it is instantly visible, people don't have to scroll to see it. If we go to Amazon and click the today steel section on the sales page for each timer, you see the strategically put the timer in the call to action box.

Also, please note, I'm saying a scarcity element, not necessarily a timer because you might be using an The month that just implies scarcity you remember the you remember the lecture about a real scarcity and imply scarcity for example in high demand or selling fast. This is not as strong as a timer but again it is a scarcity element. In the implementation section of this course I will teach you how to create countdown timers with beautiful designs top and bottom ribbons widgets and short codes that you can basically put anywhere on your website. We are going to be using a premium WordPress plugin for that. It is called thrive ultimatum. But for now, let's take a look at the rest of the places I recommend you use scarcity.

Thank you for watching and stay purposeful

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