Evergreen Campaign - Setup (Thrive Ultimatum)

5 minutes
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Alright, let's set up an evergreen campaign. Let's go to the ultimatum dashboard in click new campaign built from scratch, give it a name. evergreen demo. Wait well loading and as you already know here, we need to choose the campaign type. Click evergreen campaign. And the settings will show below.

First, we need to tell the plugin how long we want the campaign to last for each user. You see the duration input field, I will insert three days. Do we want to activate the lockdown feature? Yes, we want it because this campaign will not be open to everybody. It has to be triggered by the subscriber first and then it will start running for them. Also by activating the lockdown feature, we will get a special URL with placeholders that our email service provider can read.

This should not sound overwhelming. I'm going to show it to you a bit later. Did you notice when they click the lockdown feature to Yes, I have only one trigger type visit to promotion page. Also, remember in the previous video I told you, then the trigger can be the action of a person subscribing to an email list. We can set this up if we use another plugin called Thrive Leads. Basically another option should appear under the trigger type, thrive lead conversion.

But you should know I haven't bought Thrive Leads yet because I don't need it. As of right now, you don't need to buy it as well. I want to show you my setup without Thrive Leads and you will decide if it will work for you. By the way, I'm 95% sure that it will because the setup, my setup is quite flexible. Alright, let's continue. Repeat this campaign and set realistic end time.

Nice features as well. You can choose to repeat this campaign for somebody who has already seen it. And you need to tell the plugin after how many days to enable this repetition. set realistic and time. This one is great because people will be subscribing at different hours during the day. But when you have this feature on or Yes, your evergreen campaign will finish at whatever hour you want.

So it looks real. It ends 12 o'clock it midnight instead of 6:35pm. Let's hit save. And then we go to display sales page demo for my students. This is my sales page. This is my promo page.

And now the interesting part the lockdown feature Okay, so here the ultimatum asks us for pre access page promotion page and page. For pre access, I will insert lead generation them. The promo page is sales page demo from a student's index per page, sales page demo expired. Next, we need to generate a link. It's important you select the email service provider you use. In my case, this is Active Campaign.

Do you see the email placeholder is between percentages but if you choose a different service provider, the syntaxes will be different. It might be brackets, it might be parenthesis, it might be hashtags and so on. So I will copy the link and use it in the promotional emails. I will be sending when my subscribers open that link, these trigger the campaign. You remember, this is our trigger visit to a page. And the email in the URL helps the plugin know that the campaign started for this user.

This is why it's important to use this URL. Otherwise the campaign won't be triggered and visitors will be sent to the pre access page. Basically, the act of clicking on that link is what opens the campaign for that user. pair. hope this is clear. Next step we need to design I will go with top ribbon.

We need to choose a template. Remember, this ribbon will display on the sales page. So the CTA button or call to action button will go to the checkout page if you decide to use it, of course, for me Remove it for now because they want to really keep it simple and focus on the whole setup. Safe Work. Go back. The timeline looks great.

From minus three days to zero and the top ribbon design will be displayed. Let's set up the conversion event visit to the conversion page confirmation demo. action and the campaign. Alright, we are done here. Now let's go to Active Campaign and set up the email sequence.

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