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Scarcity Marketing: Increase Your Sales Without More Traffic Best Places To Implement Scarcity Marketing
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Cold outreach. If your company's business to business oriented, you use different strategies to get clients running ads is one way. But from my experience most of the b2b companies I've seen, they include direct outreach or cold outreach is a method of getting clients. In case you're not familiar with this client acquisition strategy, let's start from the beginning. What is cold outreach? Basically, you send a message to a person who doesn't know you, and you have an offer plus a call to action.

If your offer is good and relevant to your target audience, a small percentage of people will respond and that's how you acquire new clients. cold email is one of the most commonly used outreach tools. Of course, people also use Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn messages and other channels of communication. I personally use both LinkedIn emails and now I want to show you the messenger used to get people to schedule a call with me. Hey first name. My name is Vladimir, CEO of rack of digital, a lead generation marketing agency helping real estate professionals.

This is my introduction. Last month we attracted 32 buyer leads for two weeks for one of our plans here and make an enticing statement. Generally, you want to put your highest achievement or best stats there. I learned this from john whitening. Since we've recently started our agency, we would like to build our portfolio faster and for that reason, we offer two weeks free trial. Here's my reason why.

You remember the social psychology study. Having a reason helps you influence behavior. That means you won't be charged for our service. You cover a small ad budget, whatever you're happy with. You get delete, we get to case study. We When I explained how the offer works, let me know as soon as possible by replying because honestly, I have asked several realtors, but I could take only three new clients this month.

This is my scarcity element right there. Let's get on a quick call to see if there is a fit. I like this sentence because it is subtle in a way that it says I'm not going to work with you at any cost. Let's talk and see if we can help each other out first, looking forward to lat PS to schedule a call with me go to and this is the link to my scheduling app. That's my call to action. Of course the general strategy here is to get realtors results in the trial period, so they're happy and can easily sign up for my monthly subscription offer.

This message is proven to be effective, and it is still bringing me clients. The reason why it works is that I included a few powerful psychological triggers that motivate prospects to take action. Let's see which they are. So you can go over your message and make improvements if needed. clear communication, social proof 32 buyers for two weeks, I also asked the lady to record a video testimonial for me. So if someone asked me about it, I can send it directly.

Remember this the most powerful form of social proof is a genuine video testimonial. Reason why copy. I want to build my portfolio faster. That's my reason. That's why I offered the two weeks free trial. Next scarcity.

I can take only three new clients this month, and a call to action this one is vitally important without a call to action, your results will suffer. Now, these are fundamental principles that apply not just in cold outreach. They apply to your ads to your sales page to the landing page in generally, any page that requires you Visitors to take action. I believe this video was helpful. Thank you for watching and stay purposeful

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