Facebook Ad Examples & An Extremely Important Social Psychology Study

Scarcity Marketing: Increase Your Sales Without More Traffic Best Places To Implement Scarcity Marketing
5 minutes
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Another place to add scarcity is in your advertisements. Now I specialize in Facebook advertising. That's why I will give you such examples. I'm not familiar with all advertising platforms. And if it makes sense to include it great, go ahead, give it a test. However, if you have a character limit for example, you might be better off clearly communicating your offer.

In any case, remember this. The most important key to make paid traffic works is continuous testing ad creatives and target audiences. So you might have a scarcity version and that you can test against what you currently run and compare the results you might be positively surprised. The first example is an ad that I did for a client. We sold a good amount of chakra bracelets. Let's take a look at the copy.

If you like yoga, meditation and A healthy way of living, then you will love our beautiful chakra bracelet with vibrant colors, get yours. And now I have a link to the sales page. This is for people who don't, who don't want to read more and who are ready to go straight to it. Let's continue. In celebration of your first week we would like to offer 67% of for a limited time. So that's the offer the key phrase limited time and implying urgency here.

And of course, when they get to the sales page, they will see a timer. But did you notice something else in celebration of yo this week? What is this? This is something that marketers often forget. It's a reason or reason why I do the promotion. This is also a psychological trigger.

Studies show that when you have a reason it's easier to influence behavior. Robert Cialdini talks about that. I think he read it in his book. You Once and there is a study done in the social psychology field, extremely useful for marketers like you and me. So I will share it with you here. Just to make my point.

A researcher would spot someone waiting in the library copy machine and walk over with the intention of putting the person in line, then the researcher will look at the person standing there and ask them one of three questions. Question number one, excuse me, I have five pages may use the copy machine. Question number two, excuse me, I have five pages may use the copy machine because I am in a rush in question number three, excuse me, I have five pages may use the copy machine because I have to make copies. As you can see, the third version doesn't make any sense because they have to make copies. What are you talking about? All the people there are waiting to make copies.

It doesn't make any He says, But wait to see the result. Question number 160 percent of the people lead the researcher skip the live version number 290 4% of the people lead the researchers give delight. And question number three, this is the most ridiculous one with the reason. The reason was because I have to make copies 93% of the people let the researchers keep the light. How amazing is that? Of course, I'm not giving you this example, to come up with fake reasons.

No, I'm giving this example to underline the point that you need to have reasons for your promotions. Keep in mind this award because I do that because I have a reason I celebrate. It's a special day. We have an anniversary. It's yoga, sweet, it's Father's Day, etc, etc. Let's get back To the ad.

For bullet points, it's easy for people to skim them rather than reading a block of text. Another call to action get your bracelet here. Don't forget to buy one for your best friend, they will love it too. Basically, I did the research and I saw people use the words love vibrant colors and often buy such items as gifts. They can let them get get your chakra bracelet and save $31 today, I used implied urgency again, the word today. Five stars, it's social proof elements, people are used to that no testimonial, which is again social proof.

As you can see, I have a lot of likes and hearts. People seem to like the ads. I think the relevant score was eight or out of 10. no negative reactions or comments overall the ad did. Well. That's a good example of implied urgency. Let's see another example.

Today is target one. They don't miss out. Today only save an extra 10%. This ad is very straightforward 10% of and a lot of scarcity don't miss out Sunday August 28. Only today only. And I cannot see the Facebook advertising dashboard but I can assume targets marketing team do a lot of tests and spend huge amounts on ads as well.

The fact that the ad has 2500 likes and 182 comments and 860 shares tells me that this ad has been running for a while. And we marketers usually keep the profitable ads and we eliminate the ones that are not Thank you for watching and stay purposeful

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