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7 minutes
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Hi again and congratulations, because you have come to the end of this seven day program. That's amazing. And I know for sure that your impromptu speaking has improved because of the amount of practice that you've done. Even if you didn't apply any of the new frameworks, and you just practiced questions every day, doubtless your impromptu speaking will have improved hugely. So that's brilliant. And now I suggest you get out there and use it.

Remember that it can serve you in so many ways, job interviews, Toastmasters, social situations, like meeting strangers or dating, relationships. The list goes on and on. And you are in a brilliant place to get out there and liaise with people and be very powerful and confident because you know that you can answer a question on any topic. It's an amazing skill to have. So let's summarize what you learned over the last seven days. So first of all the frameworks that we went over together, the first one was take your first idea and transition.

Then we looked at the horizontal framework, taking objects or situations that are horizontally similar at the same same class level and moving in that direction. Then on the third day, we looked at the vertical framework. So you may want to take more of a bird's eye view of the situation and zoom out. Or, alternatively, you could zoom in more detail. That's the vertical framework then on They fall, we looked at prep, point, reason, example, point, a really great little structure that you can use for almost any impromptu speaking situation. Great to have in your back pocket.

Then we looked at past, present future. So you can apply that to the situation that's evolved over time. Perhaps it doesn't have to change over centuries. You could be referring to a very short time period. But the past present future framework is excellent for that. Then we looked at problem solution.

Anytime you're being asked about a negative situation. That could be a useful framework to apply. Especially if you feel that you do have a solution or a recommendation then We finally looked at the story moral framework. And this is a huge one because storytelling is so important. Where possible, anytime you're doing some impromptu speaking, you should be seeking to tell stories. Because stories are so much more engaging to us.

Even if you have to give people hard facts, trying to live with them in a human interest story. Tell us why those the situation arose. Tell us how important those facts are, and what the impact will have on various people. Now let's look at the mindset and delivery tips that you learned. First of all, to summarize, so once you've completed your impromptu speech, make sure you tie it all together with a summary. Then to go where you want to.

Don't feel that you you're locked in place by the question As long as you answer that question, you can go where you like. Again, if it's a business situation, make sure you're reasonable, but go where you like, then don't judge yourself. Don't judge yourself because it pulls your energy away from answering the question. Tell that little voice there to shut up. Think Yes. And remember that all those comedians and anyone who's good at improv, just seizes the answer and runs with it.

There's no time to say no, it's Yes. And what else? Then get off the fence. Take a stand. Take a position. Don't be afraid.

When we looked at not trying to be too perfect. We're in the moment. Whatever answer we come up with is the best answer that we could latch onto at that moment in time. Don't seek perfection because it'll make your answer worse. Then, keep your energy up. Make sure that you're high energy throughout your delivery.

Even in a job situation or work situation, you don't want to be dull and listless and lifeless. Make sure you keep that energy pumping. Then be yourself and exaggerate if you have to. It makes it more interesting for everybody. Use your voice, vocal variety. Pause.

Slow down. Whatever you need to make your impromptu speech, more engaging for your listeners. bring it to life. When we're telling stories, make sure that we include a little bit of dialogue, some detail, maybe some reactions and responses. And that for sure, will help to bring the audience in. And then finally, to end with a bang whenever you can, or just keep the energy up and have a nice positive ending.

Well, it's such a sad thing that we're going to be saying goodbye to each other. But remember, there is a bonus lecture. So if you want a date eight, then check out the resources and you'll see that you can have another framework and more questions as a bonus. Also, they'll if you complete the whole course, as I said earlier on in the first section, if you complete the whole course, I'll email you via the system. Some great extra resources that you may not want to miss. Regardless, I really hope that you've learned a lot during the seven days.

And keep working on those questions. You can even ask the same questions again, because you can answer one question in so many different ways. So keep practicing. I wish you all the very best. Take care and goodbye

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