Day 5 Lesson and Question

Impromptu Public Speaking Success in 7 Days Day 5 - The Timeline Approach
7 minutes
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It's day five. And today's framework is called the Past, Present future framework. We'll look at some examples of that in just a moment. But first of all, let's talk about today's mindset, tip or delivery tip, there are three tips. And the first one is to be yourself. Now, if we're allowing ourselves to just be who we are, then we're taking that pressure off ourselves to perform.

And that means that we have more resources available to give a great answer. So remember to be yourself, you don't have time in the few minutes that you have, or perhaps even just 60 seconds, there's not time to come up with a persona or to to be somebody that we're not just be yourself. Have fun with it. Some bit, maybe you do some roleplay or you you know adopts in different mannerisms as part of a fun game. But it's okay to be You. The second tip, keep the energy high.

It's very easy to retreat into our heads when we're answering impromptu speech questions. Because we're so busy thinking, What's the right answer? Are they going to judge me? Or they'll be looking at me, I'm going to profit that the energy kind of dissipates drains away. And the people listening to us have a very lackluster experience. So by keeping the energy high, making sure that you have a good time and you feel energetically in a good place, then that translates into a stronger answer, and for sure, better delivery.

The third tip is don't be afraid to exaggerate. Now again, if you're in a work situation, or it's a in a very serious situation, job interview, perhaps you don't want to exaggerate your qualifications. But in a more fun situation, table topics, chit chatting at a party. It's okay to exaggerate a little bit, have fun with it. You may even want to exaggerate, and then put it back later and say, Well, actually, that was a bit of a tall tale. But in reality, it was like this.

Don't be afraid to have fun. It's often those larger than life characters that tell tall stories that people want to listen to, because they're more entertaining. So give yourself the latitude and the freedom to try that out. Time for a couple of questions. Now, this time, I'm not going to state the question as a typical question, but I'm just going to give you a topic to speak on. So let's say the topic is books.

And we're going to use that past present future framework and we're going to have a bit of fun And exaggerate perhaps and go a little bit further than we normally would. So I could start with books. What a waste of time. Now in the past, before where we were today with all this technology and amazing, you know, the Kindle and online books was so important. That was how history was passed from one generation to another. But now hate books, we could burn them all, couldn't we?

They are a complete waste of time. So let's just jump to the future, shall we? I can picture a future with absolutely no books. And you know what? That means? You wouldn't have to take down any more trees.

Isn't that brilliant? Everybody in the whole world would have their own Kindle or they'd have a little smartphone and we would never need books ever again. Super. So in summary, I think books, okay in the past, they have their uses, but now They are a waste of time. So that was the Past, Present future framework in action. I didn't speak for long, but this is all about new speaking not me.

Now, it's time for your question. And today, you are going to speak for three minutes. Hope you're ready. The question is

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