Day 2 Lecture and Question

6 minutes
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It's day two. And you've already learned one framework. And hopefully you've answered three questions, the timeline that we looked at together, and then the two supplemental questions that were in the following lecture. Today's framework is called the horizontal framework. And the reason it's called that I will explain right now. So let's say that you were asked a question about an object.

Let's say you were asked about a chair. Now, once you've exhausted what you have to say about the chair, most likely you're going to start thinking what next, where now? The horizontal framework gives us clues that we can go with other similar classes of objects. So if we're talking about chairs, what are objects similar to a chair? Well, it might be a sofa, which is another piece of household furniture We might want to talk about a table or a rug. So a sample question might be, let's go back to chairs again.

So talk about your favorite chair. Now you may say, Okay, well, you know, I have an arm chair at home, which is pretty comfortable. But what I love most is my squeegee old sofa that I have had since my college days. I couldn't bear to throw it away. It's so comfortable. And every day I rush home from work to sit down on that sofa, open a can of something cold and refreshing.

And watch TV. In that answer. You've transitioned from chair to sofa. And by thinking Well, what's horizontal to chair that gives us that clue as to well can we go with sofa next? Are you able to say well, it's my dining table that was left to me by my great granny. And I love that table and go on from there.

Today's to delivery or mindset tips are these, first of all, go where you want to. Now obviously if you're in a job situation or you're in a QA and it's a technical talk and the answers have to be hundred percent correct, then make sure that you stay within the realms of reason. But if you're in table topics, or even if it's a party or a social situation, don't feel that you have to stay exactly on topic. It's okay to move off in a slightly different direction. So go where you want to don't feel you've got to be this very earnest. Oh, I must answer the question.

Exactly. Because that often makes for a Moodle answer. Sadly. The second tip is this one. Don't judge yourself. Stay in the moment.

We already talked about mind monkey In Gremlins, stopping us from being free and in the moment when we answer our question, and this is another mindset point, and it's don't judge yourself. Because once you start giving yourself a hard time for not answering the question very well, then it's very difficult to pull it back. Because again, the energy is being split between what's going on back here and trying to answer the question at the same time. Be in the moment, don't try and come up with the most perfect answer. Just answer it in a free way. So let's go on to today's example question, and then you'll have your question to answer.

Now the timing for today is 90 seconds. Today's example question is this. Do you prefer coke or lemonade? So this question is perfect for a horizontal answer because we may not like it. And we may hate lemonade, in which case we can go with another kind of drink. So an answer could begin with, well actually dislike both coke and lemonade.

But my favorite drink in the world is simple water. Why? Because it's pure, it's refreshing. And it's good for me. And then you go on from there. That was quite an earnest and very honest answer.

You may want to take it somewhere else. You may say, Well, I actually prefer a beer. Because a beer Not only is fizzy, but it helps me to relax, whatever it may be, go where you like with that. But that's an example of a horizontal answer. Now, it's time for your question. And the question is this, you have 90 seconds, and the question is, what is your favorite season?

Now you've answered that question. Feel free to go on to the next lecture and answer the two questions that are sitting there waiting for you.

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