Day 1 Framework and Question

4 minutes
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Here we are on day one. And our first framework or if you like, strategy is this is to go with your first idea. And then if you need to, you can transition. Now often what happens is when we're doing impromptu speaking, we come up with something really quickly. And we start answering. And then the Gremlins set in.

And we have that little voice. Oh, you shouldn't have said that. That's wrong. And it stops us from giving the best possible answer that we can. Because we're trying to do two things at once we're deriving or chiding ourselves, at the same time is trying to answer doesn't work. Go with the first thing that comes into your head, commit to it.

And then if you need to, you can transition. And I'll give you a demonstration of this in just a moment with a question. The second tip, I'd like to give you Is this, keep it going. Try not to Omen are too much. If you need to stop and think, just full silent for a couple of seconds, and then continue on. But keep it going.

Don't think, Oh, I can't do this. I've got to stop. You don't have to stop. You can do it to keep it going. Try and wind up your answer. So people know that you're done.

And it also gives your answer a sense of completion. Let's look at a question. If you could give yourself one superpower, what would it be? Let's think about today's framework, which is go with the first answer and then transition. So personally, I might say, Oh, I would love to fly. So I might start by saying, oh, if I had one, super Power, it would be the ability to fly.

And then this little voice pipes up saying, actually I'd rather be able to see through walls. Now I've got two things going on conflicting, the answer. And then this voice. If you hear that voice saying, or what will perhaps sing through walls will be better, then you can transition to that and say, Well, I would love the ability to fly. But you know what, even more useful than that would be the ability to see through brick walls. And then you go on and you you give your answer.

And you go into a little bit more detail. And then we talked about ending with a summary. So the summary could be as simple as In conclusion, if I had one superpower, it would be to see through brick walls. That's it. So you've summarized, you've gone with your first answer, but you've acknowledged that voice by saying Okay, I'm going to transition Sometimes you'll transition sometimes you'll say, boom, I'm committed to this first answer. I'm just staying with it, and that's fine.

But that is one way of dealing with that niggly voice by making a smooth transition to another suggestion. It's your turn. And here's your question. Who is the most influential person in your life? You have 60 seconds to answer Hope you enjoyed answering that question and that you were able to speak for the full 60 seconds. Now go on to the next lecture where there are two more questions waiting for you

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