Post-Program Activated Self-Study Guide

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I’ve added something VERY special and new to the replay recording of the Taming the E-mail Beast program – a fully activated post-program self-study PDF. This new PDF guide can be downloaded onto your computer, tablet, or phone, and allow you (and/or your staff or group members) to do a much deeper dive on e-mail management and efficiency, with live links to extra articles, my related YouTube videos, and more. It goes deeper than the initial 90-minute video, and will provide tips that will lead to even deeper e-mail mastery using MS Outlook and/or Gmail. The combination of the initial Taming E-mail video replay with this guide should fundamentally change the way that you manage your e-mail inbox. Once you complete this, if you use MS Outlook, and would like to go further with your productivity and efficiency skill development, I recommend that you look into my Optimizing Your MS Outlook course on Tablet Wise. If you use Gmail, I recommend my Time Management in the Cloud Using Gmail/Google Suite course. My sincere hope is that you can greatly enhance your skills on your primary office productivity software tools, taking them to a whole new level! Please do keep me in mind for live training for your whole team or your next event.
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