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In this video, I'm going to talk about the landing pages report sometimes called the entrance page report in Google Analytics. So what is a landing page. So a landing page is the very first page that people view when they visit your website during a session. Now, a landing page can mean different things in other contexts. So, right with advertisements, you think of a landing page as a carefully constructed page on your website that's designed to be connected that app. In the case of Google Analytics, you can really think of landing page as an anchor.

To find the landing pages report in Google Analytics, go to the sidebar, click on behavior, click on site content, then click on landing pages. This will take you to the landing pages report where we can see all the pages that people landed on or entered our site on. So as we drill into this, we can see all the different acquisition metrics on here, including the sessions and the number of users that we have who arrived on our website on this particular page. We can then see the behavioral message tricks. So we can see what's the bounce rate? Or what's the pages per session, or people who didn't bounce how many people stuck around, and what's the session duration for those people.

And then we can also see conversions. And this is really important because the conversions tell us which landing pages lead them to the best possible sessions. This isn't necessarily saying that 32 people converted from the homepage. What this is telling us is that 32 people who entered on the homepage ended up converting. So in this case, the homepage is really our best landing page, because it encourages the best traffic coming through our website, because it leads the most people to convert. So as an opportunity, we may want to try and send more people to our homepage.

Also as a possible opportunity, we may want to look at why some of these other pages are not generating the same level of conversions if people enter our site on that page, and there might be an opportunity to improve some of those pages. Now you can also look Look at landing pages by traffic source. And you can bring these two critical pieces of information together. So on here, you'll add a secondary dimension. So right click on secondary dimension. And then in this case, we're going to find source slash medium.

And then we're looking at the different traffic sources that lead people to our website. So now we can see not only that people came to our homepage and engaged in a certain way or converted in a certain way, but we can see which traffic source that led people to our homepage, encourage people to engage or convert in a certain way. So now not only do we know there's an opportunity to maybe focus on one particular page of our website, but we know that there's an opportunity to get more traffic from a particular source, leading people to that particular page of our website. So in this case, it might be really good to get more organic traffic from Google, leading people to our homepage because that will lead to pretty good behavioral metrics right? engagement metrics, and then will also lead to pretty good conversion metrics as well.

So what do we do with the landing pages? Well, first thing that you should do is you should understand what your website's top landing pages are. You want to see if these are good entrance points to your website. So look at the behavioral metrics, look at the conversion, but also just review the page. Is this page accurately represent your business? Does it accurately represent your products or services?

Does it make for a good first impression. And then you also want to see if the landing pages lead to high quality visits and the ones that lead to high quality visits, meaning a lot of versions or a lot of engagements. Those are ones that you possibly have an opportunity to send more traffic to, or ones that don't lead to such a high quality visit, you have an opportunity to improve that page. Next up let's talk about the opposite of landing pages by looking at the exit pages report.

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