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3 minutes
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Welcome to the last video In this course, I want to quickly wrap up this course and recap some of the key things that we've talked about, and some of the next steps that you need to take. So we started by talking about some different types of data. Keep in mind that there's personally identifiable information versus non personally identifiable information. Google Analytics tracks anonymous and aggregate data. So non PII cannot track that back to a specific person. But other analytics tools you might be using do collect PII, you need to know about that.

And you also want to make sure that you're updating your privacy policy and staying in compliance with any laws that apply to your business. We then started looking at a lot of different reports and of those different reports we can start answering different key questions right. How many people visited my website? How many people found my website? How did they find my website? What traffic channels did they use?

We also talked about some different ways that you can understand what pages people look at including all the pages people viewed, the landing pages people entered on and the exit pages We talked about some different ways that you measure the actions people are taking, both with the goals and events. Let's go through some of those questions in detail. So when it comes to traffic right within the audience overview report or the traffic channels report, and start to answer questions like how many people visited my website, or their visits higher or lower quality? Where is that traffic coming from? That's what the traffic channels report is all about. We also talked about how you can compare different date ranges to see if there's big increases or decrease when it comes to the page reports, right, all pages, landing pages, exit pages, showing different questions that you can be answering.

You can look at what pages people are accessing. You can see how those pages are performing. You can see which pages bring people to your website, and you can see which pages drive people away from your website. And then we talked about different ways to measure actions with events and goals. Events allow you to track all the different ways that people interact with your website at a very micro level right you can get Very detailed, and you can look at things a link by link level if people are clicking on particular links or buttons or if they're playing certain videos. Goals allow you to track completions of key actions on your website.

These are great for tracking those business metrics, how many people came to your website and converted into a lead or converted into a sale? So now that we've gone through this course, what do you do now? Well, I hope if nothing else, you understand why you need to start using Google Analytics on your website, you need to start looking at the reports and what the questions are that you need to be asking, as you look at those reports. I also hope that as you go through and you start using the reports, you don't feel overwhelmed by them. And you know that you don't need to check those reports all the time. You need to check the reports often enough that you can answer some key questions.

You can understand how much traffic you have coming to your website, and you have an idea of how much traffic you get on average every month, every week, every day, coming to your website. You want to make sure that you're familiar with what traffic channels are leading the most people to your website, what pages, people are looking at what pages people are entering on, what pages they're exiting from. And you also want to make sure that you're really clear on what people are doing on your website. How many people come to your website and convert how many people come to your website and engage? Hopefully you have some ideas of how to answer those questions within the different reports. Thank you so much for participating in this course.

I hope you found it educational and a benefit. If I can answer any additional questions for you. Please feel free to shoot me an email at info at elemental calm. You can also check out elemental his website for more resources. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you in a future course.

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