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In this video I want to talk about the device reports in Google Analytics. We want to know which devices our users are using, as they visit our website. are more people using a phone, or are they using a desktop computer to visit our website. So to get this information, we want to go in the sidebar, and click on audience and click on mobile, then click on overview. And then from here, we'll be looking at the mobile overview report. And even though it's called mobile overview, it really should be called device overview because it tells you about all the different devices people are using the one here we can see how many people we have visiting our website, from a desktop computer, which is both desktop and laptops.

How many people are visiting from mobile, which is smartphone devices, and then how many people are using tablets. So we can see in this case that about 70% of the users on the website, are using a desktop or laptop computer We then have about 28, almost 29% of people using a mobile device. And only about 1.6% of people using a tablet device, the what this information tells us where we want to prioritize our design and development efforts. In this case, we probably want to put a little bit more time and effort. Now our desktop website, because we just have more traffic there. Now along with looking at acquisition metrics, we can also look at behavioral metrics by device.

So we can see if we have a higher or lower bounce rate on desktop versus mobile or if pages per session are different on different devices, or if people are spending more or less time on those different devices. So we can see in this case, that there are real differences between the desktop and mobile website. And the mobile website is looking like it doesn't have great engagement metrics, right? We have a higher bounce rate. We have fewer pages viewed we have less time being spent on there. But that might mean that there are opportunities to improve the mobile website and make it easier to engage Without mobile website.

Now along with looking at behavioral metrics and acquisition metrics, we can also look at conversions. And this is where you can really start to spot some opportunities. In this case, right, there's a big opportunity to hopefully get more conversions happening. On the mobile version of the website, we only have 84 transactions happening here. Whereas on the desktop site, we have 2731. And granted, we have more traffic, but look at the difference in conversion rate in the last column.

2.58% Of people on desktop convert only half a percent of people on mobile convert, that likely means we have some definite design problems. They're holding people back from converting when they're visiting our website on a mobile device. Now I want to show you a way that you can get a little bit more information about the devices people are using by breaking this down. So when you think for a minute about a smartphone right not all smartphones at the same large screen plugs you have small screen ones if you visit a website from a small screen, smartphone, It's a really different experience than visiting from a large screen smartphone. So we want to understand not just how many people are visiting from a mobile device, but how many people are visiting from different sized mobile devices. And for this, we can use something called secondary dimensions.

So first off, we want to drill this table down to mobile by searching for mobile, in the search box to the upper right corner of the table. And then we're going to go over and we're going to add a secondary dimension. So on this, we're going to click secondary dimension. And then we're going to search for and click on browser sides. This will add an additional column to our table. Now we're not only looking at device but we're looking at device by browser size.

And we can look at the different metrics for Acquisition havior and conversion, or each of those dimensions. So within this you can start to say oh, well, I have a lot of people who are visiting my site from a 410 by 720 device, but I also have a fair amount of people who are visiting from three ad wide devices or even 360 wide devices. And all of a sudden you can start to see the differences in how people are engaging at different screen sizes. So you're really breaking down mobile at this point. And you're understanding not just what's happening with smartphones, but what's happening with different kinds of smartphones. So what do we do with the device overview report?

Well, with this, you want to understand what devices your visitors are using, and you want to understand what differences exist within those devices. So are people using your website differently? Are they converting or engaging differently based on the device they're using? This report is one that you put on the check all the time, because the amount of devices people are using will stay relatively consistent over time, but at least once a month, maybe once a quarter, you want to check on this information to see how it's trending and changing. Certainly, if you're working on any design changes, you do want to check this report a little more frequently. Next up, let's start talking about what pages people use on Our website

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