Introduction: Tips to Get the Most From Siri to Become Your BFF

3 minutes
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Hi this video is about you and Siri becoming BFFs. Siri, ask Wolfram what's BFF? mean? The answer is best friends forever. Here are tips to get the most use out of Siri. First, let's just go over quickly how to use Siri.

Let's take this step by step. Step one, when you want to use Siri, hold down the home button and ask Siri a question. Siri, how many ounces in a leader? checking on that. One liter converts to about 33.8 fluid ounces. Do you notice I I press down the home button.

I asked the question. And then I let go of the home button. Here's the first mistake people make they let go of the home button while they're still talking. So when they take a pause, Siri thinks they're done. And then she interrupts and then it's like a big mess. You The way not to use Siri the wrong way you press the home button.

Siri, could you write a note? What would you like the note to say? I'd like to say I'm pressing down the home button. Now I let the home button go. So now I'm not pressing down the home button. Then when I pause, she interrupts me.

So now, I didn't get my note done because you have to hold down the home key the entire time while you're talking. If you stop to pontificate or pause, Siri thinks you're done if if you don't have your hand on the Home key, here's the correct way. Siri, my hand is held on home key the whole time. Could you take a note, my hand is still on the Home key. That's why she's not interrupting me, because my finger is still holding down in this home key. And do you notice how she's just letting me go on and on so I could like take a pause and think and think more about what I I want to tell her, and she's still not interrupting me.

And so then now, so this is why she's not interrupting me because my hand is still on the Home key. So she's just taking all this down and soaking it up, and soaking it all up. So that's the first tip. Keep your hand on the Home key until you're done talking. So she noted it to the second thing is give just a little bit more Annunciation. I could say, I'm going to go to the thing right now.

Or you could say, I'm going to go to the thing today, but generally she's great with all accents and forms of speech. But I've just noticed when I enunciate, speak a little bit clearer and slower, just a little bit, she understands me more she'll understand and understand you more to one more tip that everyone thinks is so cool. I really have never used it but if you scroll down, you can see See all the questions you asked before. So if you scroll down and want to see what you said, that's another tip. And then the very last tip is let's say you're talking and you change your mind or she's not understanding or whatever all you say is push the home button and say cancel social, cancel everything and then start all over who your home play is to practice holding the home button down asking her questions and seeing her responses.

So that's it for this video. After you do these tips. You and Siri are now on your way to becoming b f f or a Siri says best friends forever.

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