Section 2: Assessing Schools and Care Centers

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In this section, you will learn to accurately assess which schools or care centers are most appropriate for your child's needs. This is the second-longest lesson in the course, so prepare to spend ~45 minutes here.  This section is broken into four 10-20 minute segments. Remember, you can always pause the recording and come back to it later.

Leah mentions in this section that her son has 9 food allergies. Fortunately, many children DO outgrow their food allergies (as Dee Dee's did). Leah's oldest son was born with 13 anaphylactic food allergies, and, at the time of this recording, he is now down to 9.

Resources addressed in this section can be found in your e-binder:
  • Your School and Care Center Interview Checklist
  • Emergency Action Plan

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