Practical Introduction to Web Development

In this action-packed course you will learn to create robust, modern and feature-rich web sites.

Practical Introduction to Web Development

In this action-packed course you will learn to create robust, modern and feature-rich web sites.
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About the Class

This course is designed to teach complete beginners the skills to build modern, responsive, and feature-rich websites. We will start by learning HTML and how to create elements for our web pages. Then you will learn how to style and create awesome responsive layouts using CSS. In the 3rd section, you will meet JavaScript - your first taste of real programming.

Next, Bootstrap will teach you how to create responsive designs in a matter of minutes that look good on every device. Next will be the PHP - your first backend language. It will allow you to create scalable websites with modern patterns. You will learn the basics of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) as well. In the MySQL section, you will learn how to store, modify, and retrieve data from a database.

You will turn your static webpage into a dynamic feature-rich website. And in the end, we are going to build a master project using everything you have learned so far, but there is a surprise too. You will finish the master project all by yourself. The best way to learn is via practice, and this course has plenty - it is full of exercises, challenges, and projects that will help you sharpen your newly acquired skills.

Learning Web Development can be an exhausting and lonely task. This is why I've created an exciting course and a community where I mentor, guide, and motivate aspiring developers. This course, its materials, and practice activities are the product that I wish existed when I was learning several years ago. I've created it with passion, and its sole purpose is to help you achieve your goals with the knowledge you will get from this course. Web Development changed my life, it can change yours too.

What will you learn in this course?

  • To work with HTML 5 Elements
  • To create web pages
  • To create Websites
  • To style HTML elements using CSS
  • To create a modern web page layout using CSS
  • To create a responsive web page layout using CSS that looks great on every device
  • To add, remove and modify HTML Elements using JavaScript
  • To change and update the styling of an element using JavaScript
  • To make elements respond to user input via JavaScript
  • To design and create new functionalities using JavaScript
  • To fully utilize Bootstrap's grid system
  • To create complete web page design using Bootstrap
  • To add many exciting features to a web page using Bootstrap
  • To implement login/log out functionality using PHP
  • To upload and save files to a server
  • To use API to request and process information
  • To create dynamic web pages using PHP
  • To utilize modern design patterns when creating a web site
  • To use correctly MVC architecture for websites
  • To use correctly Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) with PHP
  • To take full advantage of PHP Classes and Objects
  • To create, update and connect to a Database
  • To create and modify tables in a database
  • To create and modify columns in a database
  • To insert, update, select and delete data from databases
  • To design a correct Database schema for future websites
  • To work on a project with multiple classes/models/data sets
  • To take an idea and create a fully working website out of it
  • Many aspects, techniques, tips, and tricks in Web Development


Gancho Radkov

Lead Developer @ Radkov Academy
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Hello, My name is Gancho Radkov and I am founder of Radkov Academy. I currently employed as Senior Web Developer and I am leading a team of talented developers. I am also helping beginners learn the craft of web development and change their lives for the better. I hope my tutorials and mentorship help you achieve your goals.


  • You should have a PC/Mac.
  • You should have a good internet connection.

Class Contents

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What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Javascript, Website Designing, HTML, Web Development, Object-oriented Programming, MySQL, MVC Architecture, PHP, CSS
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 12 hours 21 minutes
111 Videos
6 Documents
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