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Welcome to this transformational week. An opportunity for you to reflect on where you are now and where you want to go.  We are going to take you through various journeys of self-discovery, questioning your beliefs and bringing out the best in you. When you feel emotions that are unsettling, then there is a need for change. However, the question is: What change? Is this in your career, in your current position, the people you work with, and live with, wanting more, or finding an imbalance and needing time to focus on your health, your kids, and your spirituality?

Our minds are created to react to situations. However, we can steer our mind in the right direction, by using different parts of the brain to bring about a focus. It is interesting when we are consumed with a thought, we attract information all around the thought. Try this, say to yourself that you want to see how many red cars you can spot, and suddenly your mind will focus on the red cars. We have the capacity to bring to us what our thoughts are. We know that unconscious thoughts carry a lot of weight and sometimes, we do not even recognize why we act, think, and behave in certain ways. When we become conscious of our unconscious thoughts, we can do something about this. We know from positive psychology that when we see situations in a positive light, we attract more positivity, and our emotions and the way we feel is different than when we focus on the negative. We develop blinkers, like clouds, that prevent us from thinking straight. This all happens due to neurotransmitters in our brains.

This course will be using the tools of Human Touch Leadership. This is based on the 3 pillars:

  • Human - effectively using the capacity of our human brain to maximize potential, productivity, and performance. We will incorporate the knowledge and understanding of neuroscience.
  • Touch - this is an action word that demonstrates how to navigate those emotions, that tells us to pay attention. By using reflective, emotional, and conversational intelligence, we activate the ability to process, envision, intellectualize, empathize, and make decisions effectively.
  • Leadership - this incorporates how to lead with impact, communicate effectively, and drive and focus on who we want to be and our purpose, unpacking empathy and compassion where needed.

As you go through the course, reflection is important as looking with hope and optimism at what you want to build in your life and why. Throughout the course, you can take your time, and stop the video throughout each session to take notes and reflect.

Every year, I take myself through this same process. A process that involves seven sessions. I look at what I want most for the year ahead in the different areas and then build a plan for it. Often I am surprised at what I attract that makes me change course or a slight deviation from a goal but not a vision. This gives me the confidence that I am on the right track yet the strategy changes. You too will be building on your confidence and mindset so that you can acknowledge your own emotions, calling, purpose, or change, visit areas in your life, and your personal experiences, and strengths towards building a vision or purpose statement that you can work towards. We are always at hand on email as part of the course. However, you are welcome to book a coaching session at any time. (extra charges apply). 

Here is the outline:

  • Session 1: Reflecting on the past and building a future
    • Session one will allow you to reflect on your recent past. Your insights, learning, high and low points. It will help you understand more about your emotions and how you navigated through this time. We will introduce the principles of the human mind, so you can understand how one can remove the clouds. The video will guide you to get started on your journey.
    • Outcome: An opportunity to look at different aspects of your life and a list to build on what worked before so you can identify new opportunities.
  • Session 2: Insights into the mind and how to move forward
    • Many times, we have an internal voice that could stop us from moving forward; this comes from our own self-belief system and can be programmed from a voice in our head or something someone said to us earlier. We also may be skeptical or risk-averse within our personality and could have a fixed mindset unless we can see the proof to change. Session two will help you examine where you are and give you an opportunity to question why. You will further your understanding of how the human mind works and the energy you emit from your thoughts and emotions. We will go below the surface for you to see whether you prefer being in a comfort zone and, if not, how you can move into a growth zone.
    • Outcome: An opportunity for you to see what is holding you back. A look at your habits and internal self-talk due to limiting beliefs. A greater understanding of how your mind works.
  • Session 3: Building on your purpose and aspirations
    • Once you have a grip on how your mind works, this session takes you through a meditative exercise that draws you into your imagination and shifts those chemicals that open your executive brain. You will be guided by my voice, to write down all your aspirations that are there in your subconscious mind. The wish list will be as long as possible. This session will give you an opportunity to bring out your purpose and examine your own self-belief.
    • Outcome: How visualization and imagination are powerful stimulants of the mind. Time to dream and think about what you really, really want. A list of aspirations that fall into different areas of your life.
  • Session 4: What makes you unique?
    • Each person has been born with unique qualities and experiences life very differently. Session four will take you through the different stages of your life, your learning, skills, abilities, and experiences that make you that unique person. It is an opportunity to reflect on your skills, encourage you to appreciate and celebrate your uniqueness, and an opportunity to hone in on your purpose. You will be taken through an exercise through a video recording that helps you to reflect on your qualities, qualifications, knowledge, and experiences with greater confidence and self-awareness.
    • Outcome: More confidence, greater clarity, and purpose. Find how to tie this into your aspirations. A list that you can see of your uniqueness.
  • Session 5: The importance of values as your north star
    • We all have core values and principles that are either instilled in us or developed in our early years, evolving at different stages in our lives. We may not be consciously aware of them. They come from our family, our educational system, society, and friends. These can be personal values or just values we have in our work life. When we fit well into our work, career, and purpose, there are underlying values that underpin this. When they are not aligned, we feel out of balance.
    • Session five will give you a methodology to examine your values and what is really important to you at this current stage in your life. As you reflect on these you will notice how your decisions are impacted by your values.
    • Outcome: Greater clarity towards the choices you make. A list of values to reflect on as you work towards your choices.
  • Session 6: Crafting your vision and purpose statement
    • Session six will take you on a journey through a meditative process that helps you to see what you really want in your future. Through this exercise, we look ahead with hope and generate the right chemicals, and neurotransmitters, that enable you to have clarity.  You will be guided to review the sections you have covered in the previous session to fit into a template. This will support you in defining a vision statement that sits well with you.
    • Outcome: A crafted Vision Statement to help you to take the first step to put your plan into motion.
    • Bonus Session: Each one of you will send me your template and how you have filled in your vision statement by email. I will edit this so that you can see this every day, in order to stay focused while you build your action plan.
  • Session 7: Turning vision into action
    • Session seven will give you the opportunity to revisit different areas of your life and set action plans with timelines to start your learning journey toward your vision. Whatever your priority is at this time of your life, it will stand out as the major focus. Whatever your aim was to be on this course,  you will have a methodology to do this.
    • Outcome: A clear action plan with deliverables.

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