Part 2: Tips for Registering

10 minutes
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So one of the things I highly recommend doing while you're pregnant is the baby registry at one or more stores. I did briefly talk about in section two of this course how it can save you money as generally you can get a discount at some point in your, on your registry items with most stores, you'll usually you get a gift bag with free samples as soon as you register out in person and for certain online registers as well. And people who actually use your registry or registries will be perching, purchasing things for you that you actually need since you registered for them. So where should you register? There are several options for where you can register, some of which will depend on where you live. There are three main types of places that you can register one would be a store that specializes in baby items, stores like byebye baby there may be other stores in your region like these that have a huge selection of baby items and allow you to register but this is going to depend on where you live.

Babies are so used to be another type of storyline Like this, but with them going out of business Of course, they are no longer an option. These stores though others specialize in baby items will offer more variety for the same type of item but won't necessarily offer the lowest price for baby items. So if you register at a store like this, this specializes in baby items, especially if this is your first baby and you aren't familiar with the layout. Do yourself a favor and bring someone with you. If you want your husband or dad to be to go with you, or if he wants to go with you, of course you can take him I personally didn't bring my husband this was actually one of the few areas of my pregnancy he wasn't involved with. But you may also want to consider bringing a friend who already has the baby and or shops there and knows the layout of the store.

And you could always have them tag along in addition to bring it to the if you want them both there. I remember during my first pregnancy I had registered at Babies R Us back when they were in business and had the registry and this was the first store I had stopped out to register I couldn't even do it all one day and I was overwhelmed by how many baby items I didn't even know I needed, and just walking around the store exhausted me. I was so grateful though that I had a friend with me who has toddlers and less familiar with the store because she shopped there. She knew where everything was in the store, and she helped me pick out items I actually needed, because you don't need every baby item people tell you that you need. So the second type of place you could register will be stores that have different departments, one of which is a baby section.

So think stores like Target and Walmart, they have most of the items you would register for but since the focus of the store as a whole is not primarily on baby things, there is not going to be as much variety as a baby focus store like byebye baby. These stores are better for not making you feel overwhelmed by too many options. If you're okay with less variety, and it likely won't take you as long to get through the registration process. And the third type of place you could register at is three online registries. Think Amazon or other online stores that offer baby registries. Some stores where you register at in person may also allow you to create or update a registry online.

And when you registry register online, you genuinely have a better selection than in store. You don't have to get physically tired from walking around. And if you're registering someplace like Amazon online, you can easily see how well items are rated and read reviews from people who've already purchased them. Of course, you can always look up an items rating that you physically register for, but it would likely be easier to do this all at once. If you're doing an online registry. With Amazon's baby registry when people use it, they can actually have the items now to you when they purchase on.

The downside of online registering is that you can't physically look at or touch the item in person and things may end up being a little bit different than what you expected. Just looking at the picture on your phone. phone or computer. So what type of registry should you use? First of all, you can always use a combination of the above and register with more than one place or type of place. Consider where people you know, including guests invited to your shower actually shop.

Do you have a lot of friends that already have young kids and chocolate places like byebye? Baby? Or do they already shop online at places like Amazon? Would a baby theme store be out of the way for most of the people you know, but maybe they already do a lot of shopping at Walmart or Target? And are you going to realistically shop for items as a place to register to get remaining baby items that you aren't gifted? You want to think about other people but don't forget to think about what you're going to use to the truth about registering.

Well, you can register anywhere or everywhere you want. Not everyone is going to use your registry. In fact, I would say that for most pregnant women. The majority of people giving gifts will not use their baby registry. Now I'm not saying no one will use it, it's likely some well, but the fact is that people will often just get you what they want to get you. But you can increase the odds that people will use your registry by doing these three things.

One, register where the people you know, your friends, family, coworkers, etc. Already shop to don't keep your registry registry is a secret and make sure your registry is easy for others to access. There have been cases where people have tried to find someone's registry but can't. And if they can't access or look up your registry, then they won't be able to use it. It's good to make sure that the registry can be pulled up under both you and your husband or dad to be named. With online registries like Amazon, you'll either need to make it public for people to pull up or make sure they have a way to access it by providing them a link using the shared setting.

So make sure you have the proper settings enabled with any online registries. And three, if you're having a shower, make sure you register before the invites are done. So any necessary registry details can be provided directly on the invitations. And here's the bonus idea. If you want to encourage our guests to actually use your register registries, you could consider having anyone's name be put in a raffle drawing who has gotten a registry gift. They could be added an extra time to a raffle game you already have planned as well.

And then you can advertise this on the shower invitations. Some people have done this with a diaper raffle to encourage people to give diapers at the shower. But you could also apply this idea to registered gifts. Just make sure that if you do this for either diapers or registered gifts that you advertises on invitations so they know in advance, the invitations could read something like this. Insert your name is registered app and then insert the store name and registry details. Any guess who purchases a gift off of the registry?

Have their name placed in a special raffle drawing. So if you decide to do this make sure the person hosting the shower remembers to ask people as they arrive or have a raffle sheet they have people find themselves in a visible location to collect names of guests who purchased a registry gift. They could also remind people right before they draw need to make sure no one was this. And again, this is just an idea you can decide what works best for you. And remember to check out more shower ideas and tips in section five. So when should you register.

If you're finding out the sex of your baby during your pregnancy, you'll likely want to register after you know if you're having a boy or girl unless you plan on using gender neutral baby holding into for regardless. And you can also see section five for details and tips if you plan on doing a gender reveal at the shower. I recommend in general for women who are finding out the sex of their baby at the 18 to 20 week ultrasound appointment to register after that, as to as possible, I would try to register between the timeframe of four and a half and five and a half months pregnant, or between when you are around 19 to 24 weeks pregnant. And just to know, as I mentioned, in the first trimester section of this course, there is a blood test kit that can determine your baby's sex that some moms are able to get prior to the 18 to 20 week ultrasound.

So if you're a mom that learns the gender earlier, I recommend also registering earlier just so you can have this done and over with and then people can use that. And if you aren't finding out the sex of your baby, there really isn't any reason to wait to register so you can get this done as soon as you have the opportunity and energy. The earlier your shower is in your pregnancy. The earlier you'll want to register so people can use your registry and so the registry details can go on the shower invitations. If you're registering any stories in person, I recommend doing so no later than your second trimester, just because you'll likely see Start to get more worn out from walking around too long as you get into the later stages of pregnancy. And just some additional tips for registering, a lot of bV registries will have you set up a password with them and provide an email so you can track and or update your registry as needed.

So make sure for each store you register with that you marked down your password and which email you sign up with especially if you have more than one email address so that you can easily access your registry later. And page one of the baby registry workbook is designed for this so you can download that and use that you may want to avoid registering for seasonal and or clearance items because these may be out of stock by the time people actually use your registry. Make sure you bring a list of the baby items you need to register for whenever you do a baby registry in store. You can either write or type up your own list or use the printable I provide in part one of this section which was the previous part before this lesson. I also have room for you to list additional items. You can You can cross off anything I listed that you already have or that you feel you don't need.

Print out a copy of your register items from each story register at so you remember what you registered for and from where, as you receive or purchase items on your registry, you can then update your registries if needed and track the items you still need to get. You can often print out this list in store, but you should be able to do it online as well if you have a printer to print out what you've registered for. So to do next, decide where you want to register, get your registry or registries done. And remember to use the baby items I need printable as the guide which was from part one of the section fill out the baby registry workbook and use the first page to track your registry passwords and info. And then using your baby items, any printable cross off items as you get them

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